⭐️ India⭐️

⭐️ Mya Smith⭐️

⭐️ Geogarphy⭐️

Asian elephants are a big part to India. A lot of people use elephants to get around India. They are good to go around town. The largest elephant 3.43 meters. They have small ears, but broader skulls and a large trunk. Their toes are large and big. Asian elephants can weigh up to 6,000 pounds. Their habitats are not that big. But are a pretty good size for elephants. Asian elephants are very large. They are good for traveling. Plus, there the largest land animal alive. Elephants use there trunk to dog for water and sometimes food too. These hungry animals do not sleep much, they usually are walking around. Asian elephants are a big part to India.
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⭐️ Unique Animals⭐️

Found only along the divide between the Yangtze and Mekong rivers in the southern Chinese province of Yunnan. It lives at elevations up to 4,000 meters in mainly coniferous forests, which are snow-covered for much of the year. The gray snubbed nose monkey is somewhat smaller, long-tailed, and dark gray with a red patch on the crown and a white patch between the shoulders. It lives only on Mount Nanjing in southern China at about 1,500 meters.
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⭐️ Ancient Sites⭐️

The Indian sub-continent was the home of one of the earliest civilizations of man. In the history of ancient India we see many forms of society ranging from urban civilization of Indus Valley to the Classical Age of Gupta Dynasty. During this period we see a hierarchy of centralized and decentralized government. Some of which were highly organized in their political structure and government while others were merely weakened by internal problems and division of power.Indus Valley Civilization was one of the world's oldest and greatest civilizations which took shape around 3000 BC to 2500 BC in the valley of the Indus River. Remains of more than 100 cities, towns, and villages of the Indus Valley civilization have now been found from north of the Hindu Kush down the entire length of the Indus and beyond into peninsular India. Harappa and Mohenjo Daro are the two urban centers of Indus Valley civilization and the excavation of these sites reveal standardization and ordered society and ten centuries of relatively stable conditions.

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⭐️ India Today⭐️

India has now been free for decades. But what do we see? She has made wonderful progress in industries and technology. Indian Scientists have earned a name for themselves.India today, however, it's the best with difficulties. There is discontent among the people. Prices are rising at an alarming rate. Industries are producing goods but most of them are exported in order to earn foreign exchange. Even commodities of common use are exported so mat the government might balance its budget. India has now been free to do what they want when they want.

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⭐️ Things To Do In India⭐️

India today is a country full of lively people that share an exciting and beautiful culture. When I say full of people, I mean full of people! An interesting facts about India is that it’s on-course to surpass China as the country with the world’s largest populations in the next few years! Many Indian people of today have embraced western ideas and concepts as their own, however, most of India's cultural values remain in line with those originally developed during India's fun. So, India culture today is not too different from that of its past.

India today is a country full of people that share exciting adventures they wen't on. There is so many things to do In India. OSme things to do are go watch a movie at the park. Or, go to the water park and have fun.

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⭐️ Traveler Tips⭐️

India is everything, and more, all at once. It's a visual explosion of bright saris, lumbering cows, marigolds and bursts of sunlight. Some tips for India are to be safe and avoid the dangerous things around you. A constant cacophony of beeping horns, high-speed Hindi and the cawing of thousands of crows. A melange of smells of incense, spices and, ahem, more human smells. And while Mother India, with her 1.2 billion inhabitants, can inspire, astonish and enlighten many who tread her soil, her innumerable challenges and chaotic madness can also overwhelm and exhaust unprepared first-timers. Or even put them off completely.

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