Prader–Willi syndrome

By: Dominique Rousseau

What is PWS

PWS is a syndrome that occurs in children all races and both sex. Is carry's on to adulthood and causes over eating and obesity.


PWS effects the whole body and causes low muscle tone, incomplete sexual growth, and hunger. This can also show lack of eating and weight gain as infants. Compulsive eating is a major symptom. Some other symptoms are seizures and sleeping problems

What does it do?

PWS causes low muscle tone, delayed growth, and compulsive eating along with weigh gain.

How it occurs

Everyone is different and Prader Willi syndrome can happen by Deletion, Imprinting defect, and maternal disomy. A study done shows 70% of people have this by deletion, 25% by maternal disomy, and 5% have this by imprinting defects.

How it is diagnosed

There are specialized genetic testing on a blood sample unfortunately there are no current cures for this. There are houses for this with controlled food times and food restrictions.