Movie Creation Project

4th Grade Geography Lesson Plan


This project is used to help students learn and remember the geography of the world.

Pre-Project Notions

Before assigning the project, the teacher will first split up the class into groups of 3-4. The groups will then be given an area of the map to learn (depending on the study, this could be cities, states, or countries). The students need to be familiar with their area before starting the project.


The Creation:

Once the groups are familiar with their assigned areas, the fun begins! Their next task is to, as a group, come up with a catchy tune that others can easily learn and remember their assigned areas from. The order of the areas must be in the same way for each group (ie left to right, top to bottom, in a circle pattern, etc).

The Movie:

After each group has created their own tune, they now are going to use the iMovie app to record their song for the entire class to see! They can either record themselves singing and dancing or create characters to move around to a recording of their song. Use this app to let them tap into their visual creativity! Then designate a fun day for all the videos to watch and see how many are super effective!
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