How does hope become a quality in perseverance?

Amy Purdy

Amy Purdy wanted to travel the world. She also wanted to ski, but she was a victim of bacterial meningitis. a disease that infected her blood. She lost both her legs because of this. She wondered how she would be able to do anything with her new artificial robot legs, like travel or ski. She was a little mad and sad for a few weeks, then, after learning to walk with her new limbs, she realized that she could make her own artificial feet for snow boarding. She got to work with one of her friends and even though it wasn't flawless, it was still great for snowboarding. She got to travel and snowboard even though she had her legs gone, because she had hope, thinking about it everyday wondering "why she got this disease" or "how do I become a good snowboarder with these blocks of metal for legs?" She figured it out and now helps others with similar problems around the world.

Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic was born with a defect, he had no limbs. It was hard to move at first, considering that he was a baby with no limbs, but he learned how. Now, he inspires others to pursue there dreams. he used to not be able to brush his teeth, or walk up stairs , but he had hope and persevered to accomplish his goals.

Helen Keller

Helen was born with her hearing and sight, disproving what some others say. She lost those senses from a rare disease called "brain fever" by her family doctor. Nobody knows exactly what it does, but for Helen, it took away sight and hearing. She learned about what things were and how they were spelled and what they were called by a teacher named Anne Sullivan. Anne made a way to communicate. She spelled out words on Helen's hand and had her say them aloud. If she was right, she would spell yes, if not, she would spell no.

Nelson Mandela

Nelson was a man that fought for black rights in south Africa. He talked and protested in public about the hope of stopping racism and about race equality, and was put in jail for 34 years. And even after all of that, he was elected president of the ANC (African National Congress), for his nobleness and determination to better the country.
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