Chevrolet At A Glance

Chevrolet is a prominent american car maker. It is a division of General Motors and has made many models over the years including, Corvette, Corvair, Bel air, Impala, and many, many others.
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Our Main Focus

Our main focus is going to be on Chevy during the 50's and early 60's. during this time, some of the most iconic cars of the U.S. were made. This flyer includes commercials, stats, pictures, and other interesting facts.


During the 50's and 60's advertising was the entertainment. This means that they would have people like Dinah Shore sing about the Chevy.
Dinah Shore "See the USA in your Chevrolet" - 1953

The 1953 Bel Air

That commercial was for the 1953 Bel Air. As you can see, Dinah Shore sings a catchy tune about the Bel Air, getting the song stuck in your head. BOOM Chevy has done its magic. They have you singing about their product. Now here is a 1954 commercial