Cape Fear River

By Breanna and Sidneigh

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Fishing Industry

The water temperatures are 73°F. Three stripe's at lock and dam 1 (1 male, 2 females), two stripe's at lock and dam 2 (1 male; 1 juvenile), and two male striped bass and 1 juvenile at lock and dam 3. Size ranges for the stripe's were 9-23 inches in length and .20 pound to 5 pounds in weight. The striped bass were tagged and released into the river.


The river and its commerce have been the sustaining forces of the Cape
Fear region. The earliest colonists built their homes at the river's edge for
it was the primary means of transportation. Settlers used the river for
personal convenience, they sent commercial products down the river for export,
and imports found their way up the river to inland markets.

While the river provided the easiest mode of transport, Wilmington grew, but the city's importance began to dim after other means of conveyance were invented and industry shifted to North Carolina's Piedmont region.

Careers / Businesses

Cape fear river Adventures Canoe and Kayak Rentals and River Tubing.

A small family owns and operates canoe and kayak outfitter. They specialize in canoe and kayak rentals on the Upper Cape Fear River. Cape Fear River Adventures is based out of Lillington, which is a short drive from Raleigh, Fayetteville, and many of their surrounding areas. They also have many river trips to offer. Get up-close and personal with abundant wildlife and beautiful scenery.

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The new cotton steamer plant

Where goods and Merchandise, from the interior might be stored, free of charge and in comparative safety from the danger of Fire.


Freddie Mims is licensed by the U.S. Coast Guard and is Flotilla Commander for the local Coast Guard Auxillary. He offers 2, 4 and 8 hour rides on the Cape Fear River. His cruises start at Riverside Marine at Cambellton Landing. Prices vary depending on the size of the group. Group discounts are available for groups of 10 or more.


A new “fish ladder” on the Cape Fear River at East Arcadia is reported already allowing some species to swim upstream for the first time in more than 60 years. The location is a fishing hot spot for the entire region, and home to the annual Cape Fear River Shad Festival, which celebrates the culture of the area, especially shad fishing.


The trail is a 10-foot wide paved path for walkers, joggers, bicyclists, and others utilizing non-motorized transportation. It winds for nearly four miles, one- way, through a beautiful blend of trees, plants and wildlife with spectacular views of the river.

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The River Fest

Wilmington River Fest Celebrates 35 Years Of Heritage, Culture & Beauty on the Cape fear river. In Wilmington, N.C they have a river fest going on for 35 years on October 4-6, 1979. A group of local citizens interested in the arts and Wilmington’s riverfront staged its first River fest, a free cultural street festival. With four concessions, trolley rides, and fireworks, River fest was a success and became an annual event.

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