Our Leaders

Then & Now

2000 B.C.E Assyrian Empire

  • Assyrian empire controlled most of Mesopotamia
  • Brutal army equipped with the most advanced weapons of the time such as; bronze weapons, chariots, and well disciplined soldiers.
  • They would later go on to control a huge portion of the settled world.

1000 B.C.E Zhou Dynasty

  • Zhou Dynasty ancient China for almost a millennium
  • Agriculture in Zhou dynasty was very intensive and directed by government.
  • Most powerful simply because of technology created such as; iron casting, perfected bronze casting, geometry and trig, Confucius way of thinking and more.
  • Lead to huge advancement of their society culturally & technologically than most civilizations in the world at that time.

1 C.E Rome

~ Roman Empire know due to..

>> One of the longest and most organized empires of history.

>> Around 1 A.D they had started to conquer lands as far south as Egypt

  • Had almost full control of Europe; giving the empire huge amount of control
  • Led to trade between the rest of the world.
  • Helped spread religion such as Christianity
  • Also technology from the rest of the world connecting them together. Virtually no one could attack the Roman empire at this time and win.

1000 C.E Islamic Empire

  • Led this time period with Golden Age of Islam (occurring same time & expansion to control most of middle east).
  • Invented a lot of algebra used today as well as many other useful technologies.
    >> in the fields of math, astronomy, & science.
  • Qualify as most powerful but factoring in culture and size.

2000 C.E United Sates

>> America lead the world in every category there is to lead..

  • With more than twice the size of any other army in the world,
  • More economic power, technology, healthcare, democracy.
  • If the United States wants something it will get it with no one to stand in the way.