Office 365 OneNote/Class Notebooks

Basics, unlimited:)

Standards covered during this session:

Team Strand - Activities and Materials

ISTE Teacher Standard - Develop and model cultural understanding and global awareness by engaging with colleagues and students of other cultures using digital age

communication and collaboration tools

Keep in mind the PLC Guiding Questions:

· What is it we want our students to learn?

· How will we know if each student has learned it?

· How will we respond when some students do not learn it?

· How can we extend and enrich the learning for students who have demonstrated proficiency?

Agenda & Objectives for Session

  • What is OneNote?
  • Look at link of OneNote Toolkit for Teachers Notebook
  • Let's Get Started
  • How to create a notebook
  • Add sections to notebook
  • Add pages to notebook
  • Add content to notebook
  • Share notebook
  • Ideas for using notebooks that you have! (Post on "parking lot padlet")
  • Class Notebook--let's get started!
  • Fill out evaluation!
Evaluation for Today

Office 365 OneNote Class Notebook