Babe Ruth

By: Jessica Hartmann


George Herman Ruth was born on February 6th, 1895 in Baltimore, Maryland to George and Kate Ruth. He was one of 8 kids, although only him and his sister survived through infancy. His parents were not around much, so Babe Ruth became quite troublesome, drinking and smoking at an early age. When his parents realized all the trouble he got himself into, they became much stricter. They sent him to St. Mary’s Industrial School for Boys, which was run by monks. Brother Matthias soon became a strong mentor to the young Ruth, and he taught him how to read and write, and the difference between right from wrong. But Babe’s life really took off when he took up baseball.

At the beginning of his career, he would have been the greatest left-handed pitcher of all time, but when he left the Red Sox to play with the Yankees, he moved to the outfield and quickly became the greatest hitter of all time. When Babe first started playing with the Yankees, they won 2 pennants 2 years in a row, and by the 3rd year, they had won a world series. He led the Yankees to become an immensely popular team, allowing them to build their own stadium, which they rightfully called “The House that Ruth Built.” Ruth had many accomplishments in baseball, one being that he hit 60 home runs in a single season, which is a record that held for 34 years. But the main play everyone remembers about The Great Bambino himself, is when he called his shot. It has been speculated by millions, but many believe that in the 1932 World Series, at 2 strikes, Ruth pointed out past the flagpole in the outfield, as if to say, “That is where I am going to hit this next pitch”, and he did. The crowd went crazy. Nobody knows for sure if he meant to, but either way, it is still known to be one of the greatest plays the game of baseball has ever seen.

'The Great Bambino"

Babe Ruth's Home Run Call


Video Questions

1. How many strikes did Babe have when he hit the homer?

2. Does everyone believe he called it?

The Great Bambino's Impact on History

Babe Ruth was the most influential baseball player of all time because he changed the game from being a slow, one hit game, to a faster paced, home run oriented game. Because of him, baseball will never be the same.