3rd Six Weeks Homework-Assignment

by kyler lawrence


At the overall level you revise and redraft to get your text right. So you pay attention to your overall argument, the logic flow or your ideas!!! The quality of your evidece. In the same way you need to take down or tackle each part or chapter, section, sub-section, paragraph and even some sentences.

You can't work at all of these levels at the same time. You have to work first with the global structure and get that clear, then move to the next level down. It is pointless to become preoccupied with single paragraphs or sentences if the whole structure of the larger part is not firmly established. It could happen that these paragraphs don't make it to the final draft.

Always revise anything larger than a paragraph on a hard copy of the text. If you do everything on the computer screen, you could have trouble seeing the whole structure, even of a section let alone


Editing and proof reading attend to the detail and are better done after you've decided that you are basically happy with what you are saying. As it is done after you've done everything else, editing is often skimped. Time runs out. And probably you're absolutely sick of the thesis and want to hand it in. However, you have to see editing as an integral part of demonstrating your standards, and, no matter how painful it is, you must take care and get the details right.



point of view

a particular attitude or way of considering a matter you have first person second and thrid


plot devolment