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January 2, 2020--New Year's Edition!

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We Are Back And In It To Win It!!

Welcome Back! I hope you all had restful breaks and are ready to tackle the second half of this school year. We've enjoyed a great first half of the year and I'm looking forward to finishing strong. Part of our ability to continue on our path is to reinforce the "Lincoln Way" that we have instilled in our kids. Please look in the Lincoln Shared folder and find the "Expectation's Lessons" folder. In there are the January reboot lessons that everyone needs to use to reinforce and reteach our four school wide expectations. Also please contact Marsha (will be out the first week back), Kristen, or Stokely to have a time for them to come back to your classroom to reinforce and reteach aspects of Zones and the Lion's Den. One of the reasons we are finding success with our processes here at Lincoln is because we are all speaking the same language and have the same expectations. That does not happen magically. All homeroom teachers need to review all 4 expectations and schedule time with Kristen, Marsha, or Stokely before the end of the month. This is who we are--respectful, responsible, trustworthy, and safe--and we are hopefully in the Green Zone! Front load this information and it will pay off as we move through the rest of the school year.

Also, implement the easy and supportive aspects of Restorative Practices that we can commit to each day to be as preventative as possible with any behaviors that don't match our expectations. Affective statements should be used frequently to address behavior in a way that helps students see that their actions affect others around them. The other thing that I think is not being used as frequently as it should be is the use of the questions on the card. These questions are predictable. Our kids thrive on predictability. The questions also allow us to listen. To hear what is happening in our students heads before we react. I've observed teachers before break using the "What were YOU thinking!!!????" approach while several inches from a child's face after something transpired in the classroom. Catch yourself. Stop. Breathe. Pull out the card and use the questions. They work. They also help you handle a situation in your "upstairs brain" (for those who read the Trauma Classroom book), and not your "downstairs brain". If you need a new card please ask. I have plenty. Restorative Practices are 80% proactive and preventative. Affective statements and the use of the card are two easy ways to address unwanted student behavior before it escalates.

Have a great week back! Enjoy time catching up with your students. Spend time in circle talking about the great things that happened over break (and for many of our kids it is the fact that break is OVER!) or goals they have for themselves in 2020. The possibilities are endless in starting off the year in a positive way.

Finally, the quote from above is 100% accurate. We are back at ground zero again with behavior and routines. Take time to reteach, reinforce and reward the behavior that you expect from your kids.

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

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January 6th PD Day

K-2 teachers will meet at Washington for the morning and 3-5 teachers will meet at Jefferson. The schedules are listed below:

K-2 Professional Learning on January 6: (Washington)

8:00am-9:40am- Math

9:40am-9:50am- Break

9:50am-11:30am- ELA (Writing Scoring and professional learning for ELA)

11:30am- 12:45pm- Lunch on your own

12:45pm-3:30pm- Report to your home school- School based learning

K-2 Locations:

Kindergarten- Auditorium

1st Grade- LCE

2nd Grade- LCC

3-5 ELA Professional Learning on January 6: (Jefferson)

8:00am- 11:30am- Writing Scoring, ELA Professional Learning and Unit Support

11:30am- 12:45pm- Lunch on your own

12:45pm-3:30pm- Report to your home school- School based learning

3-5 ELA Locations:

3rd Grade-room 111

4th Grade- room 110

5th Grade- room 104

All ELA teachers will score their writing assessments on January 6. It is important that teachers wait until January 6 to score writing. This is an opportunity for teachers to collaborate and learn from each other.

3-5 Math Professional Learning on January 6: (Jefferson)

Grade 3-room 310

8:00-9:00 Science

9:00-10:30 Math

10:30-10:45 Break

10:45-11:30 InDeS - cont. Mathematical Shifts

Grade 4- room 112

8:00-9:30 Math

9:30-10:15 InDeS - cont. Mathematical Shifts

10:15-10:30 Break

10:30-11:30 Science

Grade 5- room 106

8:00-8:45 InDeS - cont. Mathematical Shifts

8:45-10:15 Math

10:15-10:30 Break

10:30-11:30 Science

Educators who teach only science and social studies can attend the science sessions for their grade level and attend the ELA/social studies session for the rest of the morning.

Afternoon Back At Lincoln

  • Please use the afternoon to plan with your grade level/subject area. I have some updated data for grades 3-5 to review (we will discuss it briefly at our PLC on the 7th and 8th).

  • We have several IEP meetings and staffing meetings for students the conference room will be used for the majority of the afternoon.

Safety Reminders and Updates

  • Please remember that you MUST badge in and out of the exit doors next to the nurses office on the Magnolia Side. False alarms are no fun for anyone--people come running when the alarm goes off. Please support your fellow colleagues blood pressure by badging in and out of those doors during the school day. (Even better avoid the doors all together!)

  • All staff have permission and authority to call for a Lock Down or alert the building to imminent danger if necessary on the PA system. Dial 6015 from any phone to make an announcement on the phone. If you feel like we are in danger don't wait for permission to call a lock down. We'd rather be safe than sorry.

  • New expectations for parents who come to have lunch at school with their kids will be instituted this month. Once we finalize the verbiage on the expectations for Lincoln we will have that for parents when they check into the office for lunch. The reason for more explicit expectations for parents stem from several incidents at other schools where parents have overstepped their interactions with students who are not their children during lunch. We have not experienced this at the same level or intensity as other schools have, but to support a district approach we will have a unified set of expectations.

Lincoln Students Have Big Hearts---And A Lot of Change!

Last month we had our second annual Pennies For Patients campaign for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We emphasised that this was a kids helping kids event...not go to your parents and ask for money. I think our kids really listened to that and brought in a ton of coins! Kathy was so impressed with one child's bag of coins she asked how the child got so many coins. She replied, "My parents lose a lot of coins in the couch!" I'm happy to announce that our kids raised more money than we did last year by almost $100 dollars!! This year we sent off a check for $445.41 to the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. We have kids here with big hearts. We are so lucky to work with them every day!

New Faces At Lincoln!

We welcome three new IA's to our Lincoln Family at the start of 2020

  • Julia Jones will be the new IA in kindergarten working in Mrs. Fletcher's classroom

  • Emma Perry will be a 1:2 support for two new K students in Mrs. Fletchers and Mrs. Smith's classroom.

  • Michelle Music will be the new IA in first grade supporting all first grade teachers.

Please remember that Nancy Bailey has departed for her own PreK classroom in Bristol. We are looking to fill her position in the coming week.

Finally, a loss for Lincoln is a gain for Head Start. I'm excited to announce that Anitra Little has accepted a full time teaching position with Head Start. We will dearly miss one of our greatest building cheerleaders, but this is a well deserved opportunity for her that we wish her all the best with after she leaves us! Anitra will be with us until January 17th.

Testing Tidbits from Sheppard

Welcome back! Last decade, on Dec. 19th, 2019, you received an email message that I forwarded from M. Hubbard confirming that KCS had entered into a contract for benchmark testing with CASE 21. Students in grades 3 - 5 will take the first of two sets of benchmark tests in ELA, Math, and Science Wednesday, Jan. 15th thru Friday, Jan. 17th- with make-up testing the following week on Tuesday, Jan. 21st. I am finalizing that schedule early next week before sharing. Please know, this first set of benchmarks will take place during the instructional block and avoid interrupting RTI times.

I realize there are many thoughts swirling through your heads at this time; as I have entertained many of the same ideas I am sure. Let’s just roll with this imperfect process, knowing that the 2nd set of benchmarks near the end of February will look more like TN Ready testing. Let’s take this opportunity to pay attention to future needs and performance for small groups this go around.

Kdg., 1st and 2nd grade teachers - The only IA we are pulling to help cover make-ups and extended time is Susan Hubmann. IF she helps you with RTI, please plan for her absence on Jan. 15th - 17th, and possibly Jan. 21st.

Thank you in advance for patience and flexibility as we “test drive” CASE 21.

Change in Times for Student Of The Month Assemblies

Keeping the focus of our growth and achievement of our students we need to reexamine some parts of our schedule. One thing that we can do to support RTI and our ability to have this time with fidelity is to move Student Of The Month Assemblies to the afternoon. We will start this on January 16th with the 3-5 assembly. The invitations for grades Prek-2 have already gone out so we will keep the usual time of 9:00 for that one. We are hopeful that this change in time will allow us to not disrupt RTI. It may disrupt Recess for a grade and we can work to troubleshoot a swap of time for a grade if necessary.

January Newsletter

Sorry for the fast turn around, but I didn't want anyone to do this over break! Please turn in all grade level updates for the January Newsletter no later than Thursday, January 9th before you leave school. Thank you!

Upcoming Dates You Need To Know

1/6 --PD day for teachers--times and locations listed above

1/7--PLC ELA--Focus on January Standards

1/8--PLC Math--Focus on January Standards

1/9-- Student of the Month Assembly PreK-2

1/10--Spark 3:30-5:00

1/13--Barter Players--Schedule TBD

1/13--Faculty Meeting--Focus on December Standards--3:40-5:00

1/15-17--CASE 21 testing for grades 3-5

1/16--Student of the Month Assembly--**New TIME** 2:00-2:40

Lincoln Lions Are

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