April/May News from Student Reporters

Team News from Team Justice Teachers

Yeah, we are finished with ISTEP! Thank you parents for helping your child do the best they can by having them here at school during testing times, getting them in bed for a good night's sleep, giving them great breakfasts to start their days, and shouting out words of encouragement as they were off to school! Now we are ready to start wrapping up a great sixth grade year with many activities.

Here are some dates and reminders for May:

  • Riley Dance Marathon May 13 (3:15-5:00)
  • Social Studies quarterly common assessments May 17/18.
  • S.S. Textbook collection May 18-20.
  • Science-Rube Goldberg projects due May 19/20.
  • Math Final Exams May 20/23.
  • May 23-Sixth grade Clay Middle School Awards and locker clean out.
  • Auction/Team Awards- May 24. *Donations needed*

~Please arrange to pick students up through car pool line before the end of the school year to take wood shelves home. They are not to be taken home on the bus.

Leadership Breakfast Awards


In this past April, science has been pretty interesting. We have continued the astronomy unit, and it has been as fascinating as ever. We studied a wild variety of astronomical subjects, like telescopes. We did an activity where you had to find different kinds of telescopes and answer questions about them. The way the telescope worked and the history behind certain ones were very interesting! Then we started a new read-aloud book that’s been pretty good. Also, we have gone through a big project where a group or one student had to research a planet of their choice, and make a drawing or model for the planet. Then you had to present it in like a website or video. You also had to create and draw or build a creature that could survive on your planet. Some of the presentations were very funny but they all overflowed with information. In late April, we summed up astronomy and started studying energy. It’s been pretty interesting. As always, Mr. Ellington has made science fun and interesting!


Language Arts

Language Arts

We just finished reading When you Reach Me. It is a mystery book. Also, we finished our writing unit and now we are making visuals for our stories.

~Bella S

Honors Language Arts

Currently in Honors Language Arts we have been working very hard. The Word Within the Word is beginning to get very tough as we prepare for the list #14 test. As one of our final things to learn for Magic Lens, we have been working on infinitives. As a break in between work, Miss Hunt has been reading The Outsiders for our read aloud. We are all excited to watch the movie after finishing the book. This quarter’s Independent Book Project requires students to select a classic a novel to read and annotate, put together a presentation about the book, and to research the book’s and author’s history. As well as that, we also wrote our own poems, and wrote down famous poems as well, using texting format as a fun activity. We have just recently come to an end of writing just so stories, which was Quarter #4’s writing common assessment.


This month was a great month for PE! We have started and finished our home security projects, and we have started learning and/or playing tennis, wiffle ball, and softball. So far it has been a great month and it will be either be better or the same next month.


Social Studies

After spring break in Social Studies we learned about the French, American, Russian and Chinese revolutions. Then we compared the French,Russian and American revolutions. We also made parodies of songs to make them relate to the Russian revolution. The next week in Social Studies we learned about World War 1. We learned about the causes of World War 1 and the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary. During the end of the week we started a simulation on two countries going to war and making allies. For the last week of April we continued our studies on World War 1. We also took an open book/device/partner test on World War 1 and we briefly got into World War 2

~Manav M.


Sixth Grade Math

The students have been working hard and having fun all month. They have been working in groups for the past three weeks in order to make the school and environment go more green. Each group is assigned to a topic, and over the course of four weeks, the groups researched, surveyed people, and made a powerpoint. The PowerPoint included graphs, charts, the data they collected, and solutions to make our school or environment a better place. Overall, Green math is teaching the students a lot about saving the environment, and interpreting math into it along the way.


Advanced Math

In April, inside Mrs. Grace’s Advanced Math class, they have been working on probability. The class learned about experimental probability, theoretical probability, and independent and dependent events. But there's more to it than that. They have also learned about many different types of graphs and how to use them, including circle graphs, line plots, stem and leaf plots, mean, median, mode, and range. In addition, the sixth graders have been playing enriched math games too, such as ZOMBIE and GREED. “ I am learning something new everyday. Although it can be confusing sometimes, I know I’ll get better,” said Brenna White. Now they are diving into transformations, like translations, reflections, and rotations. “We've done a lot of cool things with transformations, and I can't wait to see what's next,” remarked Chloe Sun. They are currently starting a project to help their classmates review topics on the upcoming Math Finals.


Honors Math

Currently in 6th grade honors math, students are learning about graphs and inequalities. The math expert, Mrs. Grace, is teaching the 6th grade students new tricks every other day! Previously, the students had their chapter 7 and 8 test on graphs and inequalities. They're starting chapter 9, which is about exponents and scientific notation. The students are working hard and preparing for finals. After this quarter, the students will conclude their time with Mrs. Grace and begin Algebra I.

~Claire Qu, Emily Hu, and Ella Mencias