Ann Arbor, Michigan

One of the Best Places to Live in America!

Place - What is it like in Ann Arbor?

In Ann Arbor you will find a lot of unique arts and crafts. People are friendly and are very excited about helping the environment. Ann Arbor is also known as a friendly college town. Here you will find the University of Michigan, great parks, and many great restaurants. Ann Arbor was recently voted one of the best places to live in America. It is a larger city (the 6th largest in Michigan), but it has a small town feel. There are different town areas and neighborhoods that provide this impression.

Location - Where is Ann Arbor Located?

Ann Arbor is a city in Southeastern Michigan. It is located on the Huron River and is about 30 miles west of Detroit. Ann Arbor is located in Washtenaw County and can be found exactly at 42 degrees north and 83 degrees west.

Human-Environment Interaction - How do people in Ann Arbor interact with the world around them?

People in Ann Arbor wear clothing that prepares them for all different types of weather. They also live in homes that are prepared with heat for cold winters and air conditioning for warm summers. Much of Ann Arbor has been changed from what it originally was. Forests and land has been cleared to make room for buildings and various structures. The river is also fortified with a dam that keeps the water level normal through town.

Movement - Why to people move to and from Ann Arbor?

People move to and from Ann Arbor for a variety of reasons. Many people who appreciate nature and a laid back lifestyle find their way to Ann Arbor every year. It is also a city that is home to many high powered tech industries that bring a lot of jobs. Education also brings many people to Ann Arbor. The University of Michigan is one of the best universities in the world and the local high schools are highly thought of. Many people also consider Ann Arbor a fairly safe place to live, with a lot to do. Some people don't like living near so many college students and also find Ann Arbor to be an expensive place to live. These attitudes lead many to find other places to live. Ann Arbor can get very busy, which many people don't always enjoy.

Region - How is Ann Arbor similar to areas around it?

Ann Arbor, like most of Michigan, enjoys cold winters and hot summers. It is also located in Southeast Michigan, which is known for its many high producing businesses and is the most heavily populated area in the state. Ann Arbor is also part of the Huron River Valley, as the Huron River travels right through the city and other local areas.
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