Our Week in 4th Grade

Mrs. Baldwin, Mrs. Hester, Mrs. Schranz

Our Week in Pictures

This Week in Math

Unit 2: Operations and Algebraic Thinking

Students will continue working on solving word problems using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Students will need to read the problem to decide what operation to use and then solve. Some problems will require the students to complete multiple steps using more than one operation. The focus is also on how to explain, in writing, how the problem was solved and why.

IXL Topics:

B.2 Addition Word Problems

C.2 Subtraction Word Problems

D.19 Multiply 2-DIgit by 2-Digit Word Problems

D.23 Multiply 2-Digit by a Larger Number Word Problems

E.5 Divide 2-Digit by 1-Digit Word Problems

E.9 Divide Larger Numbers by 1-Digit Word Problems

F.2 Mixed Operation Word Problems

This Week in Writing

Unit 2: Opinion

Students have been working hard to compose a final draft of their opinion essay. The students have really enjoyed sharing their opinions with the class! We will be completing the Opinion On-Demand this week. Students will be composing a new opinion essay to show what they have learned.

This Week in Reading

Unit 2: Non-Fiction

This week in reading class, the students continued to work on writing summaries using nonfiction books and articles. On Monday, the students will take the nonfiction reading assessment. Starting on Tuesday, we will begin our new reading unit, which will be focusing on fiction. Please continue to have your child read 35 minutes daily.

Daily Homework

Reading: read for 35 minutes

Math: practice facts for 10 minutes, practice with IXL and Prodigy

Important Dates

Nov. 16-20: American Education Week

Thursday, Nov. 19: Family Reading Night

Monday, Nov. 23: No School, Parent/Teacher Conferences @ 3-8 pm

Tuesday, Nov. 24: No School, Parent/Teacher Conferences @ 11-4 pm

Nov. 25-27: No School, Thanksgiving Break