The Fault in our Stars

"Electric,Filled with staccato bursts of humor and tragedy"

Setting & locations

The story takes places in Indianapolis, Indiana.

And also in Amsterdam.

Major Symbols

The book she read called Imperial Affliction which is about cancer and death.

Main Characters with descriptions.

Hazel Grace Lancaster: 16, Pageboy haircut, has stage 4 Thyroid cancer which makes her have to carry around a oxygen tank she calls Phillip, & also usually wears converse, which she quotes to wear when she dresses up as her favorite character out of 'An Imperial Affliction.

Augustus Waters:18, described as a well built- seeing as he used to play basketball, he lost his right leg with a prosthetic due to his Osteosarcoma & also Hazels boyfriend.

Conflict & problems .


Her cancer is her curse that has made her lungs hardly work and forcing her to carry her burdens everywhere she goes in the form of an oxygen tank on wheels. it also conflict with her and gus's relationship limiting there time together.

Events that occur in the Exposition.

This exposition isn't the happiest of Disney-fied beginnings. In fact, a great deal of the exposition has to do with the very depressing topic of "What it's like to be a teenager with a terminal illness?" So, as we get introduced to Hazel, our beloved heroine, we get to see the ins and outs of a day with cancer, which includes not going to school, being hovered over obsessively by one's parents, watching lots of reality television, and going to Support Group in the basement of a church.


The climax of the book might as well be called "When in Amsterdam…" because everything dramatic goes down in the European city. First of all, things do not go well with Peter Van Houten, and there's an explosive scene at his house in which Augustus yells at him. Secondly, Augustus and Hazel finally give into those raging hormones. And thirdly, Augustus breaks the news to Hazel that he recently had a PET scan and his cancer has returned aggressively. So now it's him who's dying?


In the end, Hazel is full-on mourning Augustus's loss. But she reaches some closure when she talks to Peter Van Houten at the funeral and learns that he had a daughter who died of cancer, which is why he wrote An Imperial Affliction. She also discovers a eulogy that Augustus wrote for her before he died—one last word from her first love.

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