CPD 2013-14

Seaton Burn College


The following key themes underpin our ambition for 2015:

  • Continuous evidence-based improvement in learning and teaching;
  • Developing leadership and professional capacity;
  • Developing qualities of wellbeing, creativity, independence and reflection;
  • Engaging with parents and the community;
  • Providing opportunities for enrichment and challenge which students would otherwise not experience;
  • Helping students better to understand their place in the global community and environment;
  • Improving the school environment, infrastructure and systems so that our core work is as well supported as it can be.


Priority 1

Consistently to deliver teaching and learning designed with reference to research evidence and which foster independence, creativity and reflection

Priority 2

Develop assessment practice which is excellent in all aspects

Priority 3:

Transform the quality of language and communication in the College

What can we expect?

Most sessions will take place on Tuesday's after school and will either be:

- CPD sessions (including 3 calendared TeachMeet sessions to share outcomes)

- PDR meetings

(Alongside your own PDR priorities, guidance will be distributed to CL's at regular intervals to ensure that agreed whole-school priorities are also addressed)

- Guidance meetings

- Post-16 collaborative opportunities

- Training days

You can find information about when the above sessions will take place in the college calendar.

There will also be an opportunity to attend SLT briefing sessions as detailed below:

Tuesdays 8.15am - Teaching & Learning briefings

Thursdays 8.15am - Work scrutiny briefings


Our aim is to build on the excellent work completed by some of the groups this year and so we envisage the following routes for staff:

  • An option to continue their research-based work in current cross-curricular groups.

  • An option to join another cross-curricular group, driven by an interest in their area of focus.

  • An option to propose a new area of focus based on a personal or shared interest.

Potential areas of interest might include:

  1. SOLO taxonomy
  2. Learning behaviours
  3. Intrinsic Motivation
  4. Increasing independence post-16
  5. Critique


STILL WANT MORE? New for 2013-14 are the opportunities below...

"Every teacher needs to improve, not because they are not good enough, but because they can be even better."

SBC TeachMeet

Tuesday, Dec. 3rd, 3:30-5:30pm

Dudley Lane

Newcastle upon Tyne

Show up, show off and steal!

Take the opportunity to proudly display your CPD efforts to your colleagues, and leave having stolen an excellent idea you can trial yourself.

It's a win, win opportunity!