September 2014 Classroom Newsletter

Ms. Patinka's Fourth Grade

Content and Curriculum

We have started off the year with a bang! Students are working diligently in all subject areas. They are impressing me with their drive and will to learn new material.

In Writing, we have mastered paraphrasing. Students are able to look at visuals and write what is happening by using the Six Essential Questions (who, what,when, where, why, how) as a guide. This week, we have started exploring capitalization. Students will be able to use capitalization correctly in their writing and edit work that is not capitalized correctly.

In Reading, students have been working on their stamina. I cannot believe that during the first week of school they could read for 14 minutes without interruptions. This is amazing. I know they will continue to grow and be able to focus for longer periods of time on various types of text. We started off the year with visualization. Students are able to make a mental movie in their minds while reading descriptive writing. We paid close attention to our senses when visualizing. Students have also mastered finding the main idea and supporting details of a non-fiction text. We utilized the boxes and bullets strategy which allowed students to search for repeated words, ideas, or themes in a piece of text and use that information to write down the main idea and three supporting details of the selection. This week, we have moved on to analyzing plot, setting, and the characters in fiction texts.

We are moving rapidly in math! Students are working on finishing up our place value unit. By the end of the quarter these scholars will master comparing, ordering, rounding, adding, and subtracting multi-digit whole numbers. I ask that at home students are practicing their multiplication tables because that standard is right around the corner and we need to be prepared for it!

In science, students are engaged in a study of nutrition. They now know the five food groups and the vitamin/nutrient their body receives from each group. Students have been involved in many discussions about maintaining a healthy body. They understand that to do this they must eat from the 5 food groups, exercise, and get plenty of rest each night!

In social studies this week we have begun our study of North Carolina. Students will be able to take their understanding of landforms and apply it to comparing and contrasting the three regions of North Carolina.


Each night students are required to get their behavior cards signed. The behavior card is sent home in your child's homework folder. On this card you can find a description of your child's behavior in the classroom for the day, any notes from me, and homework all written in one place. There is a box at the bottom for your signature each night, even Friday! This is my way to communicate each day with you. When you sign your child's behavior card you are letting me know you have seen my communication and that you have ensured your child has completed their homework. Thank you for keeping up with this!

Outer Banks Field Trip

Information has been sent home regarding our fourth grade Outer Banks trip. In your child's homework folder you should have found a trip description. This orange sheet details the trip, the itinerary, chaperone information, and payment information. At the bottom of the sheet is a permission form. Even if your child is NOT attending, I need this form back from all parents.

There was also information sent home about our first Outer Banks trip fundraiser. We understand that the trip is expensive so we provide students with a few opportunities to raise money for the cost. During this fundraiser students will be selling Krispy Kreme doughnuts and coffee. On the form you can find product information, due dates, pick up dates, and directions for collecting money. I also sent home a large Ziploc bag for students to put their earned money in. Please note that parents must pick up donuts on September 26. Doughnuts will NOT be sent home with students.

If you have any questions about any of the above trip information please e-mail me or send a note in with your child! I am happy to answer any questions!


Please keep an eye out for a Parent-Teacher Conference sign up sheet. It is my goal to meet with all of you individually to discuss your child and their progress. This will be done in the month of October but I will be sending a sign up sheet home this month to get our dates set up!

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me at any time! The best way to reach me is by e-mail but you can always call EMIS before or after school.