Where You Should Buy Your Vegetables:

Corn is a very healthy vegetable but essentially it is where you buy it from. If you buy your corn or any fruits and vegetables from grocery stores you should know that they spray chemicals like pesticides on them which makes them less healthier for us. If you get your fruits and vegetables at farmers markets then you know that it was freshly and locally grown without any chemicals sprayed on it. So the best place to get your fruits and vegetables from is pretty obvious now... the farmers markets.

When Corn Is In Season:

Corn is in season in the month of July and is best in July, August, September, and October.

Types Of Corn:

Ontario grows three different types of sweet corn which are: normal corn, sugar enhanced corn, and super sweet corn. The natural sugar in sugar enhanced corn and normal corn eventually becomes starch, this makes the kernels loose most sweetness and they become harder. This only happens to the sugar enhanced corn and normal corn not the super sweet corn. Some of the many varieties of corn grown in Ontario as well are Escalade, Silver Queen, Phenomenal, and Kandy Korn.

The Nutritional Value Of Corn:

Corn is a good source folate and it contains fiber, niacin, and thiamine. Also an average ear of corn is about 83 calories.

The History Of Corn:

The Mayas, Aztecs, Incas, and The Native Americans of North and South America ate grained corn and it was a source of nourishment for them. When the early settlers arrived they showed corn to the Europeans and it is now cultivated in places like Africa, China, Russia, and other parts of the globe.
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