Mohammad Reza Omidsalar

The story of his life


Mohammad Reza Omidsalar was a man who had a great history. His life started when he was born in Abadeh, Iran on June 11, 1911. He married at eighteen years old to Djamilah, my great-grandmother. About a month later, he had to leave his family so he could join the military . He returned from the military two years later and received a little amount of money from it which he donated it to charity. He and his wife had six children, one of whom was my grandfather. When he returned to his home, he managed the family business. The family was agriculture landowners. He used empty land to build hospitals and schools.

Twenty-two years after the military, he got elected into the Parliament. He served for nine years while in the Parliament. Sixteen years after he resigned from Parliament, he traveled to the U.S and became a citizen. The rest of his life was going back and forth from Iran to the U.S visiting family and relatives. He died on August 1, 2001.


Fun Facts

I met him when I was a baby. He held me when I was only a week old. He gave me lots of love and affection when I was born. Although I don't remember him, he will always have a place in my heart.