Outsiders Outbreak

By: Peter Ochoa

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Murder or Self Defense?

Johnny Cades killed a "Socs" named Bob trying to defend himself and his friend Ponyboy Curtis after Bob was assaulting them. Pony wanted to run away after his big brother, Dally, slapped him and told him he never thinks. Pony and Johnny just got back after a late movie with some Socs. Pony decided to take Johnny because he felt like Johnny wasn't being treated well in his house either. They went to "Their territory" or a "Greaser park" to hide. Since they picked up some Socs at the movie, the boyfriends and 3 other Socs went to "Talk." Johnny had a switchblade because he got jumped really badly by the same person that assaulted him and that he killed, Bob. The 5 Socs also had a blade but didn't use it. Bob said a cheesy pun and started to drown Pony. Johnny acted fast and killed Bob. Pony was unconscious so Johnny had to tell him what happened.

After Johnny killed Bob he thought of the consequences like, you will go to jail, therapy, and an electric chair. They decided to go run away before the police come and there was only one person they could go to. Dally, the Greasers "Leader," was in jail since he was ten. He knows everything about felonies, jail, murder and other stuff. Dally gave them money, a gun, transportation and a hiding place. Johnny and Pony ended up in an abandoned church and changing their appearances.

Heroism or Responsibility?

After Johnny and Pony ran away with the stuff Dally gave them they end up in an abandoned church up on Jay's Mountain. Johnny found books and board games to play while on the lam. Dally found them after a while and told them there was an outbreak after they left. All Socs and Greasers are fighting, jumping, and attacking each other more often plus the fact that Sodapop Curtis, Pony's brother, sent him a letter and Sheri, A.K.A Cherry and the girl that Pony and Johnny were hanging out with at the movie which got Bob, her boyfriend, mad and full of revenge, which lead to him and four other Socs to attack Pony and Johnny, which lead to Johnny killing Bob, which lead to them finding Dally and ending up where they are now is a spy for the Greasers. Johnny wanted to turn himself in so they left the church but then they saw the church on fire.

Since Greasers like to smoke they must of left a cigarette and started the fire in the first place. There was a huge crowed around the church and some guy said that his kids are in there. Pony and Johnny decided to save them but Dally refused yet they still went inside anyways. They saved the kids but Johnny wasn't so lucky he was unconscious after a piece of burning roof fell on him. Pony escaped but Dally hit him on the head because his back was on fire. They all ended up going to the hospital called a hero.