Summer Learning Guide

Fort Thomas Independent Schools

Keep the Learning Going!

Need some ideas for keeping your kids learning and active all summer? We've got you covered here with both device-based and unplugged activities !

Technology Reminders

During long breaks it's easy to forget that our school devices are for learning, and the likelihood of them getting lost or broken is a little greater.

To keep your students learning focused, you might encourage them to use their school issued device to stay engaged with skill practice and reinforcement. This guide is full of suggestions for what you can do at home.

When not in use, remember to keep those devices in a safe location, out of the way of liquids, and in a place where they won't be lost or stolen. Consider leaving the device at home; the car is an exceptionally hot place for devices to be forgotten in the summer.

Technology Trouble?

If you are having a hard time with the device itself (cracked screen, water damage etc) you may send a message to

If you have a log in issue or need help with simple troubleshooting that wouldn't be a repair, you can fill out this form here. Someone will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

In this guide you'll find:

  • Information about Moby Max - a great alternative to a summer workbook
  • Khan Academy and Khan Kids
  • Reading
  • Math
  • Coding
  • Creating
  • Unplugged Activities

Need to see even more ideas?

Don't forget our NTI Parent Pages are full of them! In particular you might want to check out:

And don't miss the Portrait of a Graduate Choice Boards

K-8 Practice and Reinforce Skills

Moby Max for Skill Practice

Moby Max is an online learning platform that promises to "meet students where they are" using personalized lessons for Math, Language Arts, Social Studies and Science.

For the Math, Language Arts and Foundational Reading areas the platform begins with a placement assessment and then the program automatically adjusts in difficulty based on student responses.

This is a wonderful alternative to summer workbooks. While Science and Social Studies would be fun for students to practice, if you're short on time, I might suggest students focus on the Math, Reading and Language topics. You might consider creating a schedule of subjects students practice each week. Moby Max recommends students engage daily in 15-20 minutes of practice per subject to achieve maximum results , but their research shows that students who practice at least once a week still achieve positive results.

Parents, you can use your student's log in information to login to Moby Max from your computer.

You'll be able to track your student's progress, see the minutes they've spent in different topics and review reports. You will need your student's short username and a unique password.

You can obtain that information from Bill Bradford, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning.

The video below shows how students will access Moby Max from Classlink.

Logging into Moby Max through Classlink

Be sure to log into Home Login first.

K-2 students use:

  • username: student
  • password: student

3-5 students use

  • username: ipaduser
  • password: ipaduser

Access Moby Max from Classlink
Check out pages 2-5 of this Moby Max document for more information on how things work, and see the video below for how to get your students connected.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy, located in Classlink has video based lessons and practice for PreK and up. Press on the Courses area at the top of the main page to see a list of all of the available courses.

Students in grades K-8 would want to check out the Math. The Math practice on the iPad is a little strange in that it presents duplicate numbers side by side in two formats on the practice modules, but it does include a handy whiteboarding tool that students can use to help figure answers. Students in grades 2-9 might also want to take a look at the ELA beta area.

There is also a Khan Kids app, for grades K-1. For this one parents or teachers can set up an account that will help them keep track of student practice. Check out the directions here for creating an account.

The video below will give you more information.

Get Started with Khan Academy Kids


Summer Reading Tools

Keep your kids reading all summer with great apps and programs! The Campbell County Public Library starts their Summer Reading Program "Imagine Your Story" starts starts June 6. Get the details here.

Check out the Summer Reading - Lexile Find a Book tool to build custom book lists for readers at all ability levels, and then locate your selections at your local public library. View the link for more information and directions on how to access and use this tool.

Once you have built your custom list, use this directory to find a public library near you. Go to the library, find the books you want to read and start reading.

Middle School Reading: Tips from Mrs. Griffith

Mrs. Griffith shared some great tips for our HMS students:

The physical libraries in the area have closed, but you all do have an option for reading. Highlands Middle School has a subscription to Overdrive which is a service that provides e-books. I am going to share with you how you can access these books.

Go to the HMS Library Media Center group in Schoology.
On the left-hand side click on the word Resources.
Then click on the folder titled E-Books.

There are several resources there.

I would first check out the document for Library E-book check out. You will need to DOWNLOAD from the BLUEBIRD KIOSK Adobe Digital Editions. Once you have downloaded it, it will go to your Applications.

Watch the video in the folder. It will explain how the e-book check out works.

There is a folder that explains the formula for your username and password. For those of you who had to change your password earlier this year, I will probably need to go in and reset your

password for you. Message me if your username and password doesn't work.

Additionally, Junior Library Guild has made their ebooks available to ALL libraries with unlimited access. I have attached the link below.

Here are the username and password:

Username: JLGMID

Password: JLGFREE

Check back frequently because they have said they will add new resources...

Junior Library Guild Free Books

Keep reading Bluebirds!


Learn Something New

Get Kids Coding with has an amazing, and free curriculum for students. Since schools have closed, they have put together a resource page for coding at home.

In particular, you would want to check out the "Express Courses" for ages 9-18 and for Pre-Readers, ages 4-8. These courses can easily be completed on the iPad, just navigate to from Safari.

You also might encourage students to periodically try just an Hour of Code with engaging activities that include Dance Party and Minecraft challenges.

Scratch Tutorials

If your students are ready for something a little more, they might check out the coding tutorials on the MIT platform, Scratch.

Most of these block based programs can easily be followed on the iPad.

Want more information about how Scratch works? Check out their page for parents here.

Get Kids Creating on their Device

Get Unplugged

Want some learning to be "Unplugged" this Summer

If you're thinking you want to try to limit some screen time this summer, we've got a few challenges you might try with your family.

The adult in the family would want to watch the how to videos or download instructions for some of these activities first, but much of the learning can take place outside and without a device.

In this guide you'll see ideas for: reading practice in the context of other activities, plenty of science, engineering and math, ideas for how to learn in the kitchen, and some craft ideas that build in multiple skills. Do these as a family or encourage your older students in the house to lead the younger students through the learning.

Check out that link below.