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BookCon New York: Get Schooled! (feat. Capricorn Anderson)

Thank you, Cap, for joining us here today at BookCon New York. I'm Charlotte, and I'll be your interviewer today. May I ask a few questions about your experience at Claverage Middle School last year? Of course. That is why I came, right?

True enough, I suppose. Why do you think Hugh Winkleman gave you the Rhinecliff jersey and put you out on the field? Hmm... I've never really asked him, but I think it was because he was talking with Zach.

Can you describe a few characteristics of Hugh? He's kind of desperate to make friends, but he also doesn't want to get bullied.

What would you predict if Zach Powers became friends with Hugh? I think that they would help even each other out. Hugh wouldn't be a "school nerd" and Zach wouldn't be a "cool guy".

Why do you think Zach bullies you? Maybe because he wants to be seen as the popular guy or the head of the school. Even after spending a year at public school, I still don't understand the reasoning behind all this.

What evidence showed that Naomi Erlanger cared for you? First, when she started doing tai chi with me on the school's front lawn. Second, when she joined my dead bird memorial. Third, when she kissed me in the boys' bathroom.

What judgement do you make about Darryl Pennyfield? Well, I'm pretty sure he cares about me too. I don't think he knocked me out on purpose either time.

Moving on to family now. What might we infer about Rain being in rehab? I hoped that she would get well soon, and that we would move back to Garland Farm as soon as possible.

How is Rain related to Mrs. Donnelly? As family, I don't really know besides the fact that they both lived in Garland. More importantly though, they've both cared for me like family.

How are you and Sophie Donnelly similar? Well, first of all, we both like Trigonometry and Tears, the TV show, and we've both gone through emotional ups and downs in short periods of time.

What would you predict if Sophie got her driver's licence? That she will remember my advice, be thankful, and drive safely.

Well, that's it. Thank you so much for spending time with us today and answering our questions. This is BookCon New York. Peace out!

Garden Harvest: A Festival Celebrating Our Community Garden

Friday, Sep. 29th 1967 at 5:30pm

Gibb Street, Ohio

Join us for the first annual harvest festival! We will be celebrating our success in the new garden. Come to enjoy home-grown food, successful garden scenery, and the friendships of everyone who is coming.

The garden is located in a small area surrounded on three sides by tall buildings.

Sponsored by all attending gardeners.

Contact: Royce, garden helper