First Amendment Collage

By Tierra Conyers

The first Amendment

The first amendment allows you to freely write what you want to write, pray what you want to pray, assemble where you want to assemble, and say what you need to say without being persecuted. You are even allowed to petition the government if you feel the need. Citizens of the United States are very lucky in being able to take actions like this because citizens of other countries aren't allowed these freedoms. That reason makes me even more grateful for being an American citizen and having the first amendment imagined into the United States constitution.

To start, the first amendment has impacted my life greatly by letting me voice my opinion freely without being persecuted, at least not by the government. Earlier this year I attended an event that the organization Omaha 360 hosted called the North Omaha youth summit and I talked in front of about 50+ adults involved in the North Omaha community about why I think teens in the community are getting into so much trouble. All I said was a few words about what I felt the issue was then I was swarmed with thanks and even got interviewed by a local news station.

Next, the first amendment gives me the right to write what I like and I do this often when posting in social media. Because of this freedom, I am allowed to post almost anything on Facebook, make a blog about whatever, or even make my own newspaper or magazine if I wanted. I can talk about controversial topics that take place anywhere in the world, people, events-- anything. For example, I wrote a few pages on some of the race riots occurring over the death of young African-American males in the United States not too long ago.

Lastly, because of the first amendment, I am allowed to follow and worship any religion I please. My religion could consist of me eating a whole slice of chocolate cake everyday and worshiping a chair-- it really does not matter. As long as my religion is actually recognized as a religion by the government, I can do as I please with it. I actually do not follow a religion, and I have the choice not to.

In conclusion, with great rights comes great responsibility! Although we have all of these rights, does not mean we can get away with absolutely anything. That's what the first amendment taught me. You can have your cake but you just can't eat it all too quickly or you'll be in some trouble.