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Ms. Liddell's Class Newsletter

Ice Pops

Attention Monroe Families!

Every day the week of MARCH 12th-15th Student Council will be selling ICE POPS for 50 cents at the end of the school day. Ours will be served during second recess after snack.

Bring 50 cents each day (or $2.00 on Monday - this does make it easier for me to organize who will or will not be getting one) to enjoy a delicious ICE POP!!

Proceeds benefit Monroe Students in Need!

Please take a moment to sign up for your child's student-led conference.

Week at a Glance

Morning Meeting

During our morning meeting this week, we are working on greeting each other by giving our friend an elbow shake with our right arm. Ask your child how to do an elbow shake! We are working on being confident about which one is our right hand. Many children know the difference but still defer to me to help. I am working on having them identify it without my help when they know! We continue to work on not talking when it is not our turn. We are practicing using eye contact for the two children who are doing the greeting. We also played 4 Corners with sight words.


We continued to focus on Dr. Seuss as an author and illustrator during our literacy time this week. We read My Many Colored Days and discussed different feeling words as we created our own class book based on the story. We also continued to discuss rhyming words while reading the books Hop on Pop and Fox and Socks.

We have continued to show an interest in the Olympics, even though they are over. So, we read Olympig this week and created a class book on what we could compete in if we were in the Olympics.

In our writing time, we are focusing on adding spaces between our words, adding a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence and punctuation at the end of a sentence. We are really working on going back to look at our work and adding details either with pictures or words.


We played "What's My Rule?" to practice noticing attributes and sorting by them. I called people to the front of the room by an attribute (shoes with laces, blue eyes, wearing the color red, etc.) and the children had to figure out what the rule was. We also practiced choosing attributes that we can't see like first letter of names, age, birth month, etc. We also learned about the concept of subtraction and began practicing subtraction with objects. We will continue to practice with subtraction this week!

Learning Songs

Here are some of our favorite songs that we listen to in class to help us remember key concepts and ideas...
We are beginning to really focus on what letters are vowels, and how they each make a sound AND say their name. The kids LOVE this one!
The Vowel Song: Long and Short Vowel Sounds | Learning English for Kids

Sight Words

We worked on our sight word he this week. You can practice these at home! You can also work on your child's fluency by combining sight words to make sentences to read such as I can see a ________________.

Words We Have Learned:

  • a
  • I
  • see
  • can
  • the
  • we
  • to
  • like
  • and
  • you
  • go
  • my
  • said
  • little
  • is
  • my
  • it
  • are
  • have
  • here
  • went
  • be
  • she

Ask Me About...

    • My favorite book we read this week. Can your child identify the difference between a fiction and non-fiction book?
    • Make a connection in a story you read - can they tell you about something the character did or had happen to them and how it made them think of something that they have done or has happened to them?
    • Can they use their schema (what they know) to make a prediction when you are reading a story at home? What can your child infer when they look at pictures of the book?
    • Skip count by 5's or 10's to 100! Use nickels or dimes to practice.
    • Skip count by 2's to 20.
    • Give your child a number. Is it even or odd? We are working on understanding the difference.
    • Count backwards from 20 to 0.
    • Sort loose coins - can I identify the different coins? What's their value?
    • Play Top-It! As you play, talk about the numbers and practice good sportmanship! Use math words such as greater than, less than, equal, how many more, how many less, etc.
    • What does (+) mean? What are some other words for addition?
    • What does (-) mean? What are some other words for subtraction?

    Dates to Remember

    March 12th-15th - Book Fair

    Tuesday, March 13th - Sonic Night

    Thursday, March 15th - Student Led Conferences

    Friday, March 16th - No School

    Monday, March 19th - Friday, March 23rd - Spring Break - No School

    Tuesday, April 24th - Monroe's Arts Festival

    Wednesday, April 25th - Field Trip to Science Museum

    Student Led Conferences

    Thursday, March 15th, 5-7:45pm

    1601 McGee Drive

    Norman, OK

    For our Spring Conferences, they will be student led. This will provide your little one the opportunity to be the leader. You will bring your child to this conference!

    Individual Conferences

    Due to the fact that our Spring conferences will be student led, I will only be scheduling individual conferences with families who I need to talk with one on one without children present.

    If you are interested in scheduling an individual conference, you can email me and I will work on getting some dates and times that work for us both. My expectation if you schedule a conference is for your concerns, questions, etc. to lead the conference. There will not be another progress report until following the conference. I will be doing these conferences before student led conferences so that my time that week can be devoted to those. If you have any questions, please let me know.

    Kindergarten Field Trip - Oklahoma Science Museum

    Wednesday, April 25th, 9am

    2020 Remington Place

    Oklahoma City, OK

    More information

    Mark your calendars! More information to come as the date gets closer about cost, chaperones, etc.