Mrs. Grant's Kindergarten

January 8-11

Happy New Year!

Welcome back to Kindergarten! I just wanted to thank our three room moms, Tiffany Muth, Angie Fitzpatrick, and Tina Travis, for such an organized winter party. A great time was had by all thanks to you. :)

Each child seemed so excited to come back to school on Tuesday and share stories about their two week break. I hope you all had a memorable and relaxing time with your families!

Welcome Miss Root!

The students LOVE Miss Root! Our student teacher, Katie Root, has started her 8 week student teaching experience in our classroom. It's our third day and she is already teaching lessons, pulling reading groups, and bonding with all the students. We are all looking forward to a great 8 weeks!

Readers Workshop

This week we brought home skill books from our book boxes. Please store in a safe place so your child can continue to read and practice. Some books might be too easy, just right, or too hard for your child. Any book is a good book to practice fluency, decoding unknown words, making connections, and retell. During our readers workshop we talked about how to pick just right books for our boxes, thinking about the story we are reading, and the difference between real reading and fake reading. :) Mrs. Grant moved around the classroom and worked on specific skills with each child while Miss Root pulled reading groups.

On Thursday we enjoyed learning about nouns. Each student received a post it with either a person, place, or thing written on it. While using complete sentences, they had to stand up and tell the class their noun and if it was a person, place, or thing.

K.F.3 Know and apply grade-level phonics and word analysis skills in decoding words

K.S.3 Speak audibly and express thoughts, feelings, and ideas clearly

K.L.1 Conventions of Standard English - Use frequently occurring nouns and verbs

K.F.4 Read emergent-reader texts with purpose and understanding

Farfallina and Marcel

This week our shared reading book was Farfallina and Marcel. The story is about a gosling and a caterpillar who meet and become friends. They each promise to wait for one another but ended up growing and changing so much that they don't recognize their friend anymore. We reviewed story elements and focused on plot with all of our stories. Good readers look to see what happens in each part of the story in order to better understand what they are reading. We also read Tadpole's Promise, another book about a caterpillar and tadpole who meet each other before changing. This book has a MUCH different ending than Farfallina and Marcel. Ask your child the plot of both books!

K.RL.3 With prompting and support, identify characters, settings, and major events in a story


We have started our work on measurement this week and the student engagement level has been through the roof! This week we started with length by comparing items in our classroom and documenting our results in our math notebook. We will bring home our math notebooks for you to see sometime next week. Here are some pictures of our activities.

K.MD.1 Describe and compare measurable attributes such as length and width

K.MD.2 Directly compare two objects with a measurable attribute in common, to see which object has "more of"/"less of" the attribute.

Math tubs this week

Domino more/less game

Calendar (go through our calendar skills, practicing counting and tens frame work)

Magnets to 100

Base ten dice game (roll two dice, make the number, then draw the base ten form)

Ordering numbers dice (roll four # dice, write the numbers in order)

Rainbow write #'s 11-20

Number line puzzles

File folder games

Writers Workshop

We started a quick unit of study on lift the flap books and they are LOVING it! We introduced the question and question mark in addition to noticing that many lift the flap books have questions with answers under the flap. :) They will be coming home next week.

K.W.1 Text Types and Purposes

K.L.1 Conventions of Standard English 1d. Understand and use question words


Before it all melted, we brought in some snow to our classroom! Each table was responsible for making two snowmen. Two tables kept their snowman inside and two tables placed their snowmen outside. We started the activity by observing the snow, feeling the snow and noticing how the snow inside the container was making the container cold, and making predictions on what will make to our snowmen both inside and outside. Yet the most fun was having the SNOW IN THE CLASSROOM! Unfortunately, all of the snowmen eventually melted...

Standard 1: Physical Science Observe, manipulate, sort and generate questions about objects and their physical properties

Is it an igloo?

A small group got really creative at free choice this week so I had to share their creation!

This week and next

Star Words - six all seven down

Phonics - /f/ /o/

Reading - Plot Draw Conclusion

Writing - Lift the flap books

Math - Measurement

Library - next Wednesday

Field Trip - February 26th to Clowes Hall (Click Clack Moo performance)