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Junior Interviews!

We have 48 juniors who have not yet completed a junior interview! Please check with your student to see if this has been completed! This task is important in order for us to help your son/daughter with college planning. Thank you much!

Dear Parents,

Junior Interviews began today! All juniors are required to have an interview with a Guidance Counselor. If you have an appointment scheduled, thank you much for being proactive and helping us stay on track with your student. If you have not yet scheduled an interview, please follow the instructions below and make your appointment today!

Junior Interviews -- January 11– January 29, 2016

INSTRUCTIONS FOR SCHEDULING Parent/Junior Interviews with a Guidance Counselor


You may begin scheduling Junior/Parent Interviews on Tuesday, January 5th at 7pm.

Parents/students who have previously registered with Pickatime for conferences, may login for Junior Interviews with that same email address and password. Click on the Pickatime link here! This is NOT your Blackboard or Parent Connect password! It is a password you previously chose specifically for Pickatime. If you forgot your password, you can enter your email address and click on “Forgot My Password”. Pickatime will email a new password.

If you have NOT previously used Pickatime, please follow these directions. Have this card ready for reference when you begin.


  1. Enter your email address and create a password, this is NOT your Blackboard or Parent Connect password, you will create a new password specifically for PickATime , then push “Login/Create Account”.
  2. Fill in the required fields and register.


1. Select a Guidance Counselor by clicking on the name.

2. Choose date and then click on the time you would like to schedule a parent/junior interview.

3. If you would like an email reminder, check box and reminder time.

4. If you would like the option to have an email sent to your Outlook Calendar, check box.

5. Click on “Create Appointment”, you will receive an “Appointment Confirmed” screen.

6. Click on “Print” to print schedule, and if you would like the option to have an email sent, click “Send Emai.”

7. Click return and logout.

*If you want to make changes to your schedule, you can log in at any time with your email and password. There are links to modify the time, or cancel the appointment. If you have any questions or problems, contact the Guidance Office @ 402-488-0931 during regular school hours.

Please note: PRIOR TO THE JUNIOR INTERVIEW, WE WOULD LIKE ALL JUNIORS TO HAVE A NAVIANCE LOGIN (come to the Guidance Office if you don’t know it), have completed the GAME PLAN survey in Naviance and bring a resume with you to the Interview.

God bless, The Pius X Guidance Staff

Pius X Guidance Office

Jan Frayser, Director

Shelly Pick, Counselor

Connie Freudenberg, Counselor