Do you want to hear a stroy about bigfoot


“Zeus never mind.” Dark lord said frighten. “Okay” Zeus said mysterious. Dark lord is the son of Zeus he wears all black with a raven on the chest plate that symbols death and darkness. His power is to kill or make different creatures by combining two or more creatures together.


one morning Dark lord asked Zeus if he could make a new creature Zeus said “sure.” While dark lord was getting his tools Zeus peaks through the door watching him take a man and a bear. Zeus barges in and says what are you doing I’m making Bigfoot you can’t do that but I’ll make it invincible no. Dark lord got so mad that he made it any ways and made it evil and then sent it to earth. Bigfoot lands in a jungle in Vietnam. Dark lord sees that he needs to make more so he made thousands of them and sent them around the world on earth. All of the Bigfoots were killing every human that was ever born. When Zeus and Poseidon found out that every human was dying they asked hades to find him and bring him to the Pacific Ocean it took him a year to find him and bring him to the Pacific Ocean.


2013, Poseidon and Zeus sees dark lord at the Pacific Ocean Poseidon drowns dark lord then Zeus throws his lightning bolt at the water shocking dark lord until everything inside him is gone. The theme of the story is to listen to your parents if not you might regret it and bad things might occur and always think before you do something.