Junior Year Info Class of 2023

Created by SEHS Counseling Department

Newsletter Objectives

The purpose of this newsletter is to give you information and resources that can help you be prepared for Junior and Senior. Please review the materials below making sure to stop and read the content that applies to you.

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A Junior Essentials Overview

The SEHS counselors created this overview of junior year activities and resources as a road map of opportunities and supports juniors access in preparation for their post high school dreams.

Junior Year Essentials

SEHS Counseling Department

  • Counseling Secretary: Leann Hollenbeak
  • Freshmen: Shirley Madathil
  • Transition Coordinator: Emily Rousseau

Junior Interview

The Junior Interview is a one on one appointment with your counselor. It's a chance to talk privately about anything that's on your mind, check your credits & review your forecasting. It's a chance to hear about information and resources that support your plans for after high school. This newsletter has many of the resources typically shared during that interview.

You can use the graduation plan from your junior interview to select classes for senior year in the spring and verify your senior schedule will give you the credits and classes needed for whatever goal you'd like to pursue after graduation.

Please schedule your Junior Interview with your counselor any time after January, during second trimester. Here is a link to the scheduler.

Credits for Graduation and Post High School Planning

Personalized Learning & Essential Skills Requirement

In previous years students were required to verify they were proficient in reading, writing, and math before they could graduate. This was done with testing or work samples. Since COVID has made it difficult to test in large groups, the Oregon Department of Education has waived this graduation requirement for the class of 2023.

Personalized Learning is completed by several activities to help students plan for after graduation. In Junior year you are required to complete your Junior Project and have your Junior Interview 2nd trimester with your counselor. Please schedule this!

Junior Project Canvas Module

The Junior Project gives you information and resources for post graduation planning. You will see all of the Junior Project components in your Canvas account. Some of the major tools you will use are Career Information System (CIS) and Naviance. Once you know how to use these tools, you can access them whenever you like as you research post high school options. Naviance is an excellent tool for organizing your research with helpful links.

College Exploration

Career & Exploration

Exploring Colleges and Universities:

Lane Community College (LCC)

LCC Bound Timeline with Helpful Links

If your future includes Lane Community College, we recommend you apply by the spring of senior year. Check out this LCC Admissions Webpage for step by step directions on making the plan come true. Why Apply to Lane Community College YouTube video.

After you apply for admission it will be time to start thinking about funding for your LCC experience. The first step is to complete either the FAFSA or ORSAA.

A great resource for those attending a community college in Oregon is the Oregon Promise which helps eligible students pay for the first two years of tuition.

Another great website to go to is the LCC Foundation Scholarship Page. The deadline is usually March 1st of your senior year.

Scholarships & Paying for College

Senior Interview 1st Trimester of Senior Year

Seniors will start your senior year with a one on one Senior Interview with their counselor. The purpose of the Senior Interview is to make sure seniors have all the credits needed to graduate and be eligible for the path they have chosen after graduation. We will provide information that supports a successful and enjoyable senior year, and help launch you into life after high school. Students schedule their Senior Interview first trimester of senior year.

College Admission Exams (SAT/ACT/PSAT)

Looking forward to prepare for applying to 4-year colleges