Explore Healthcare @ Silicon Valley

March 18 - 30, 2019

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Exploring Health Care (EHC) Program

The Exploring Health Care (EHC) Program connects students from Japanese medical universities with their peers in the US to improve their ability to serve future patients by discovering the best aspects of healthcare in Asia and the United States. Participants will view health care and medicine through the eyes of students, patients, doctors, and researchers. Students from Stanford University and UCSF School of Medicine will join the program as Global Health Fellows and provide mentorship, lead activities and conduct lessons on a variety of healthcare topics.

Application Deadlines

Early Enrollment: December 2, 2018 | Regular Enrollment: January 6, 2019

Participant Voice

“I can’t forget the wonderful and diverse friends I made during this program. All of them were confident in representing their beliefs and opinions, and I was able to have productive conversations on both medical and personal topics. They really got me motivated in creating original opinions and I realized the importance of believing in what I believe.”

Track Options

The EHC program is offered in two tracks:

  • Both Tracks: Examine approaches to health care and medical education at Stanford University and in San Francisco; explore issues of medical ethics from multi-cultural perspectives; learn how health care systems are adapting to providing care for LGBTQ communities.
    • Novice Track (1st – 2nd Year Students): Strengthen foundational knowledge and skills that are useful in a variety of medical settings through hands-on workshops and beginning problem-based learning (PBL) activities.
    • Advanced Track (3rd – 6th Year Students): Deepen knowledge through practitioner shadowing and advanced problem-based learning (PBL) activities.


The MED Program is offered by VIA, an educational non-profit organization founded at Stanford University in 1963. Details for VIA's health care programs can be found at: viaprograms.org/healthcare

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Medical Programs Director, Lina Yamashita, at lina@viaprograms.org.