St. Gabriel Noon Watch

September 4, 2015


Kindergarten will not wash their table or sweep. They will just focus on clearing their table. Inside NW person will clean-up kindergarten table after kindergartners are released.

K and 5&6 will split the swings; K gets one side and 5/6 gets the other.

K is not allowed to play on the parking lot.

Students will start sweeping in grade 3&4. This means grades 1&2 will not sweep. 1&2 will just wash tables.

NW staff members should walk around the lines as students line-up to go in for lunch. This helps the students stop talking.

If students are having difficulty following direction (especially in large numbers), the teacher on duty is there to provide extra reinforcement. If a faculty member is not on duty, call for Monica Dietz.

Looking Ahead

COSI is Thursday, 9/10. Lunch periods are still the same.

Regular lunchtimes M,T,Th,F: 10:40-1:40.

W: 11:20-1:40

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