Mount Fuji

Japan's Tallest Mountain


If the title didn't give it away... I'm trying to get you to visit Mount Fuji. Mount Fuji is an active strato-volcano located in the Yamanashi Prefecture, in Japan, Asia. However it won't be erupting any time soon.


When should you visit Mount Fuji? As soon as possible. Mount Fuji is an amazing place to visit year round


What will we do there? You can visit the Five Fuji lakes, and you can visit the many beautiful animal habitats of Mount Fuji


Why should you go there? The Five Fuji Lakes provide 40% of Japan's freshwater. The Fuji Lakes are one of the most cleanest fresh water bodies in the world. Also Mount Fuji is a Strato-Volcano. With some professional guidance you have the opportunity to see the laza and Magma


You of course!
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