Hurricane Ivan

November 19, 2012 Written by: Ethan Shook

Intro to hurricanes

In this writing I will be talking about hurricanes. I will be teaching you general facts about hurricanes and even some interesting facts about them. I will also talk about on of the most costliest hurricanes there was, hurricanes Ivan.

Formation and maintaining strength

First off, I am going to teach you how hurricanes form and how they keep their strength. Hurricanes form off the coast of Africa over warm water. Then it gains strength from the warm ocean water and then begins to gain wind speed and when the wind speeds reach 74 mph, it is then a hurricane and is scaled from one to five. Once a hurricane forms, it maintains its strength because the warm water is basically feeding energy to the hurricane. Hurricanes weaken when on land because the hurricane can no longer get energy from the warm ocean water.

Categorizing and naming hurricanes

Hurricanes are categorized by their wind speed. To give hurricanes a category from one to five we us a tool called the Saffir-Simpson Scale. A category one hurricane is 74-95 mph winds, category two is 96-110 mph winds, category three is 111-130 mph winds, category four is 131-155 mph winds, category five is greater than 155 mph winds. Hurricanes are named by six lists that were made by the National Hurricane Center. They name the hurricanes in Alphabetical order on the lists so that means they start with the names that start with A and end with the names that start with W. They switch every name from a boy name to a girl name every other hurricane. They also retire names, if a hurricane is very deadly or super costly then that name is retired and replaced with a new name.

Facts on hurricane Ivan

The famous hurricane I chose was hurricane Ivan. Hurricane Ivan was a category three hurricane when it made landfall in the US. At some point hurricane Ivan was a category five with wind speeds of up to 160 mph winds. With all the damage, Ivan brought 25 recorded US deaths. The total amount of damage funds Ivan was the third costliest hurricane that has been recorded and that is a towering 14.2 billion dollars in damage funds. To the picture to the right you will see an image of the damage Ivan brought. That is a dock that has been completely destroyed by hurricane Ivan.

Hurricanes closing

As you see hurricanes are not things to mess around with. They can be deadly and costly but I just gave you a little information about them. I even told you about a famous hurricane. Hurricanes are dangerous but very fun to learn about.