Knowmadic Weekend May 23-25th

Awaken your true power

A Weekend Focused on YOU

You are courageous, curious, involved, and honest. You want to act from your heart and live an amazing life. You want to be honest with yourself and step into your true power. You have been searching for something new, something fresh, something that is the catalyst for the change you want to see in your life.

Maybe you are a professional looking for a different approach in your work. Or maybe you're confused in college or stuck in a silly job that isn't serving you any longer.

You want to find your meaning and purpose in life. You want to adapt to an ever changing world, tap into new ideas and energy and learn about tools that help you reach your goals. More importantly you want to learn what makes you come alive and how to follow your dreams.

Knowmadic Weekend

Friday, May 23rd, 9am to Sunday, May 25th, 5:30pm

64 Ferdinand Huyckstraat

Amsterdam, NH

A workshop to...

  • Awaken your personal power and align with your true self
  • Find your core values and unique talents
  • Work with your limiting beliefs
  • Gain the courage to make honest choices
  • Make your dream life happen now
Are you one who believes you can do, be, and have anything your heart desires? Are you someone who is crazy enough to go madly for what you want in life? Are you ready to embrace your true self and open up towards new amazing directions? Come to this unique experience and empower yourself.

Discover your Fire

This Knowmadic Weekend is focused on your passion. Your heart is the starting point of your life. Together we figure out what gives you energy, how to show vulnerability, and how to tap into your unlimited reservoir of crazy good ideas. It all starts with doing things that scare you, making forthright choices, and taking ownership of your life. Have the courage to combine doing what you love with your special talents. You'll be breaking through frameworks, old beliefs and patterns. This is essential to catch that wave of energy which fills your life with joy and purpose.

We are Go Mad in collaboration with Knowmads Business School

At Go Mad our vision is to create courageous leaders that are in charge of their lives and shaping an honest world. We create spaces for people to step into their true power.

Fun, honesty, and adventure are our core values. Because we believe doing what you love makes you alive and happy. We believe happy people make the world a better place. We believe change comes from inside. Are you ready?


€325 for students (inc VAT/BTW)

€425 for other cool people (inc VAT/BTW)

Reserve your spot with a €100 deposit

We offer different payment structures.

Payment in terms or payment in full.

We are open for a friendly pricing dialogue.

We take on the belief that money doesn't stop us from doing what we want!

How to Register

Want to join the Knowmadic Weekend?

Send an email to to receive the application. We will then invite you for a personal skype call to elaborate on (y)our needs and goals.

Any questions? We love to connect.

Email us today at

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