Windrixville Weekly

November 20, 1965

Fire on Jay Mountain by James Vrenick

Mysterious fire started at a Church on Jay Mountain. The fire was destroying the Church and a group of children and two adults were there having a picnic but some of the kids were playing inside before the church was burning down and got stuck in there when it was burning down. If it was not for two teenagers that ran into the burning church and got the children out safely. Sadly only one of the teenagers got of there before the church collapsed but with the help of his friend that went into the burning church when it was collapsing got his friend and got out of the church. The teenagers are now in the hospital and two of the teenagers were not harmed that badly but they short black haired teenager may not be able to walk again due to the collapsing church.
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Wanted Ponyboy Curtis and Johnny Cade by

Two teenagers by the names of Ponyboy Curtis and Johnny Cade are wanted for the murder of Bob Sheldon. Bob sheldon died from multiple stabbed whoms in Oklahoma. Ponyboy Curtis and Johnny Cade were last heard going to Texas by their friend Dallas Winston so if you see these two teenagers please report to the police immediately.

Crime by Kaylee Leal

Police are still looking for Johnny Cade and Ponyboy Curtis for the manslaghter of Bob Sheldon on November 15 1965.

Police also finally caught Kenny Graham Cracker and he is now sentence to 10 years of prison for drug possession.

Deaths by Kaylee Leal

Kate Wilson died her age was 76 and passed away on November 20 1965 in Oklahoma. She died from a heart attack and she will be missed by her beloved family.

Shaniqua Johnson died her age was 16 and she passed away on November 13 1965 in Oklahoma. She died from a very bad car accident and she will be missed by friends and family.

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Prices for snacks and drinks by Tatum Smiley

6 pack of pepsi-$0.59

TV dinners-$0.50


Pop Rocks-$0.10

Red Hots-$0.15

Fashion by James Vrenick

The new fashion today is for girls to wear dresses that has a lot of colors also some girls are wearing red shirts with a black skirt with a belt and for boys they are wearing nice clothing.


There were a lot of football games and the teams that won were Illinois, Minnesota, Ohio and Purdue. The scores were for Illinois against Northwestern they won by 20 to 6, Minnesota against Wisconsin they won by 42 to 7, Ohio against Michigan they won by 9 to 7 and Purdue against Indiana won by 26 to 21. By Shelby Basch

The top teams right now are Cleveland browns 11-3-0, Dallas cowboys 7-7-0, New York Giants 7-7-0, Green Bay packers 10-3-1, Baltimore colts 10-3-1 and the Chicago bears 9-5-0. By Malaki Meyer

A new sports venue that is here is the Astrodome which is in Houston Texas and this is home to the Houston oilers of the national football league. By Tatum Smiley

Weather by Malaki Meyer

November 20's weather will be 70 degrees and for the rest of the week it will start to drop from this warm temperature.

Music by James Vrenick

The Beatles is an upcoming band of 1965. The members of the band are Ringo Starr, John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison. Some of their songs were Let It Be, Hey Jude, All You Need Is Love and also Come Together. Some of their albums were Rubber Soul, Revolver, The Beatles also known as white album and Abbey Road. You can buy their most recent album at Norman Music Center. The Beatles had a lot of labels such as Capitol Records, Parlophone, Apple Records, Odeon Records, Polydor Records, Vee Jay Records, Atco Records, United Artists Records, Tollie Records, Swan Records and MGM Records.

Opinion by Hunter Cook

Lyndon B Johnson is the worst president

He is the worst president because all he ever cared about was the money, his family and some friends. Also he does not even care about Civil rights.

Food is not good

Most food today does not taste very good and it is the worst food sell of this year. Most of our food is mostly grilled like hot dogs and any other type of meats. If you have a bad taste then you will be fine with grilled food all the time but if you have a good taste then you would throw up.