Battle of Bunker Hill

Kolby Neal and Emma Chau

June 17, 1775

On the night of June 16, 1775, American troops, under order of Artemas Ward, were heading for the Charleston Peninsula to Bunker Hill.

Artemas Ward

American troops moved out under the orders of him. The troops misheard him and went to Breed's Hill by accident, making them closer to the British position.

William Howe

Born August 10 1729, General William Howe was the General for the British troops. His grandmother was the mistress of King George I. Also he and his brothers were the uncles of King George III.

General Warren

General Warren was a colonial leader at the Battle of Bunker Hill. The Colonies ended up loosing because he was a general killed in the battle.

British Casualties

Starting with 2,300 soldiers, 1,054 were injured or killed. 100 commissioned British officers were either killed or wounded. Of the wounded and killed, 1 lieutenant colonel was killed, 2 majors killed and 3 wounded, 7 captains killed and 27 wounded, 9 lieutenants killed and 32 wounded, 15 sergeants killed and 42 wounded, and 1 drummer was killed and 12 of them were wounded. This count was the highest suffered in any single battle during the war.

Colonial Casualties

There were about 450 wounded or killed. 140, including Joseph Warren, were killed. 30 men were captured and 20 died while being held captive. Major Andrew McClary was the highest ranking colonial officer to die.