ESM's Work Experience Program

Mrs. Harvey's Class - Vol. 2 December 2015

Work Experience Program Teaches Lifelong Skills

This crew can stock, price, create spreadsheets, process shoes, file, deliver mail, and provide customer service! This year's work sites reinforce what we learn in school and teach us the real-life importance of our education.

Student Reflections

Q & A

Question: What are some things you have learned in your work experience so far?


O.C.: Three things I've learned so far are how to use a pricing gun, how to stock items on the shelves and how to use the fax machine.

J.S.: In Holiday Inn I learned how to do data entry. At the office I learned how to work hard to make teachers' jobs easier.

Question: How can you use what you have learned in your daily life?


O.C.: I can use what I have learned to help out at home. I can organize clothes, papers, and books.

J.S.: I can use what I learned to work hard at the jobs I can do at home.