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March 17, 2020

Continue Learning: Family Resources

Dear OES Families,

We are experiencing an unprecedented moment and understand that this is a difficult time for everyone. Being limited on places to go, coupled with the extended time off school, we want to support you and your family as best we can. We will continue to update you on information as we receive it. To read the letters from the Superintendent, click here. For updates from the School District of Lee County, click here.

Please be mindful of your child's social media, texting, and device time. It is important to monitor texts, posts, etc. to make sure your child is making safe choices online. This is not the time to be less vigilant regarding who your child is communicating with and what they are saying and posting to others. Consult Common Sense Media for some informative articles on screen time for kids.

If the decision is made to launch a virtual learning situation, we will reach out again with a detailed plan. In the meantime, below are some academic and other resources for you and your family to access on spring break. Many educational businesses, school districts, schools and teachers have put together these resources. Some of these are usually fee based programs, but companies are providing them free during this time.

There is also a link to our Mind-Up lessons and other Social Emotional Learning resources for your family to review and discuss.

This is certainly the time for us to unite as a community and support each other as best we can. Please follow the CDC guideline and take care of your family and loved ones.

Stay Safe and Healthy.

MaryBeth Grecsek

& Carrie Abes

All OES/PTO evening events scheduled for the week of March 23rd are cancelled.

School Resources

Students were sent home with their log in and passwords. Students are encouraged to work on our school based programs, including Reflex Math, Moby Max, IXL (4th and 5th grade only), Khan Academy, (3rd-5th only). These can be accessed through the Student Portal.

How to Talk to Your Child About COVID-19

Below are some resources for talking to your child about COVID-19.

From PBS

From the National Association of School Psychologists

Coronavirus Social Story

Mind Up and Social Emotional Learning

Review the lessons your child has learned in Mind Up here. There are some very applicable lessons about mindful breathing, being optimistic and other useful strategies.

Please check in with your child on how they are feeling. It is easy to get caught up in bad news. Encourage members of your family to focus on 3 positive things that happen each day. Experts tell us that kids take their emotional cues from adults. If you stay calm and positive, they will, too.

Things to do at Home...

This is a great time for students to pursue their passions and learn about things they are interested in. Some like history or science. Others are interested in animals, dinosaurs, or coding. Still others really like writing or drawing. Encourage them to learn more about what they love. Below are some additional ideas for learning.

Scholastic has 20 days of learning at home activities.

Here is a list of 10 things to do with your kids at home.

PBS has a weekday newsletter , which offers activities and tips you can use to help kids play and learn at home.

Learn how to Code with Scratch

Tynker is another coding option

Mystery Science: Free, easy science for remote learning

Learning Resources from Broward County Schools

TED-ed Lessons: These are short videos, to spark curiosity on a variety of topics.

Official OES Facebook Page

In addition to our web site, Twitter, PTO OES Families Facebook page, we have launched an official OES Facebook page.