Biochemical Engineer

"The science of today is the technology of tomorow."- Dave Parnas

What Does A Biochemical Engineer Do?

1. Develop experiments to help minimize waste.

2. Review biomanufacturing process to ensure compliance with enviromental regulations.

3. Read currnt scientific literature to stay abreast of scientific or technological advances.

4. Develop methodologies for transfering biological process from labs to commercial production.

5. Review existing manufacturing process to identify opportunities to improve.

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What Is A Biochemical Engineer?

A biochemical Engineer is a person who works in office buildings, labs, industrial plants, construction sites, or they travel. They create or improve on current tools that can be used in cell research, plant research, or the outcomes of future cell research.

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What Is Required To Become A Biochemical Engineer?

A bachelors degree or higher. Other qualifications are a class in natural science and math.

Also they may require a graduates degree.

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Yearly Salary

In Arkansas Biochemical Engineers make from $49,650-$117,360 every year.

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