ENSC Family Notes

August 22, 2016

Standards Based Grading Meeting CHANGE

The Standards Based Grading Meeting will be held Tuesday, September 13, 6:30 p.m. at South Side Elementary.

Please plan to attend this meeting to learn more about how students are graded on what they know and are able to demonstrate/apply.

Board Meeting Week

This week's Board meeting will include the following agenda items:

1. Energy savings update from John Arnold.

2. Approve the 2016-2017 ENSC/ENEA Contract.

3. Approve 2016-2017 over night and out of state field trips.

4. Hold a public hearing on and approve the sale of the Waits Road property. (This is the property that is across the street from South Side Elementary.

Next Board Meeting - September 7.

Middle School Update

Look for ground breaking to happen in early September!

Chinese Student Visit

For the third time, Chinese students will be visiting East Noble Middle School! The 30 students and five teachers will be in town from August 31 - September 2. As a part of the learning experience for these students, they will be staying overnight in family homes. If you have an East Noble Middle School child and you are interested in hosting two students in your home, please contact Andy Deming, ENMS principal (ademing@eastnoble.net). He is in need of a few more families.

Unsung Hero

Amanda Munger is this week’s Unsung Hero from the middle school. Amanda is in her 5th year of teaching at East Noble and has the skills of a seasoned veteran. She is passionate and dedicated to her students and strives to build positive relationships while teaching to the whole child. Amanda recently volunteered to complete courses to obtain her ESL certification. She is also the sponsor for our Knights in Action (anti-bully) club, Spell Bowl club, and National Honor Society. Amanda also moved into a team leader role last year and is a new teacher mentor for this school year.

With all of this on her plate she continues to have an upbeat attitude every day for her students and colleagues. Great job Amanda at working hard to make ENMS the great school it is for our community!

2017-2018 School Calendar

The district will be developing a school calendar for the 2017-2018 school year. Please share your thoughts with Ann Linson at alinson@eastnoble.net or 347-2502.

Technology Notes

We received great news about the fifth grade laptops that were on back order. They have been shipped from the company and should be arriving at East Noble next week sometime. The ENSC Technology Department will process these machines quickly in order to put these in students’ hands as soon as possible!

Please remember that any family that has outstanding financial obligations for lost or damaged iPad equipment from last year make payment arrangements before a fifth grade student will be able to get a new laptop. All families with outstanding charges should have received an invoice over the summer. If you have questions about any invoice, please call Veronica Mosley at 347-7180, extension 0.

Building Notes

East Noble Middle School

The second full week of school is continuing to heat up at ENMS (a little figurative language for you!) Many great things are happening! We had the inaugural club fair in the gym during No Excuses class. Students were able to come down, see all of the available clubs ENMS offers, talk to the sponsors, as well as sign up for the club if they were interested! It was very successful because students were able to see the organizations within their school and get to know a little more about them!

In the classroom, students are striving to do their best in all subjects! The bands are well on their way with the beginning of the year. We have been reviewing notes and rhythms as well as introducing some new syncopation. We have been assigning new instruments to some students to help balance out the bands and give a fuller more mature sound to them. Each band has received their first concert piece and have begun to work on them.

Show choir has started preparing songs for their upcoming concert as well as memorizing some pop songs and show tunes. Introduction to guitar has learned 8 notes on the guitar and a few chords. Students have been tested on several songs and are doing well.

Creative dramatics has begun to explore different characteristics and traits, improvisation, games to enhance their awareness of space. They have written their first script and performed it in front of their peers.

In math, the students are working on operations with integers, positive and negative numbers. Students have been practicing these skills in a variety of ways including traditional assignments as well as with online games and partner activities. The students in Mrs. Foster’s class have also been introduced to "Playposit," a website in which students watch a lesson video and answer questions providing valuable feedback to help guide classroom instruction. The students are off to a great start!

This past week in seventh grade Social Studies, students have been going over Latitude and Longitude. Mr. Barber and Mr. Vaught's classes played battleship against each other with Mr. Vaught's class winning 2 to 1. Next week the classes with be making a superhero about the different climates of the world.

Just another great week at ENMS!

Avilla Elementary

OUR 5th grade students have been spending math class collaborating! Students spent part of this week creating hands-on models of area problems with fractional side lengths. Students then took this knowledge to complete problem-solving questions.

OUR 4th grade is anxiously awaiting December! Why? Well, Indiana turns 200 years old and we are heading to Indianapolis to help celebrate! Our first stop will be the Indiana Statehouse where we will take a tour, enjoy lunch, and meet with State Superintendent of Public Instruction Ms. Glenda Ritz! Following our time at the statehouse we will take a short walk down the street and experience the NCAA Hall of Champions. Can't wait for this study trip!

OUR annual fund raiser campaign will begin today! Students in all grades will have the opportunity to help raise funds for activities that will benefit ALL OF OUR STUDENTS is some way. Please consider helping OUR students by participating in the fund raiser. Thank you in advance for your support.

North Side Elementary

It always makes our staff smile to hear those precious voices greet us in the morning and share something fun and exciting in their lives! It is all about building relationships and sharing in our student’s experiences.

It has been a busy academic week here at North Side! Students are diving into the core curriculum. Sixth grade continues to prepare for Biztown, which is less than four weeks away!

Our fifth grade learned a great strategy for summarizing text: Somebody, wanted, But, So, Then (SWBST). They listened to a song for the Little Red Riding Hood parody and then created their own SWBST parody. The fifth grade is also learning about Early American Cultures, students explored the life of Mound Builders and the Anasazi farming group and then created their own mounds.

The kindergartners were working hard at telling stories through pictures. They were given the opportunity to learn about their teachers and each other by interviewing the “friend of the day” and drawing a picture of their friend. All pictures were then collected and turned into a book for that student to take home as memorabilia.

Our second graders are great mathematicians. They have been exploring counts and representing whole numbers as lengths from 0 on a number line. They have also been practicing partnership principles while solving addition and subtraction number stories. The students worked on counting tallies and calculating the value of coin combinations so they may spend their earnings at the local Walmart. Together, the second graders made a number scroll from 0 to 1,000 using place value strategies. They were definitely busy with learning math concepts, but they also improved on their collaboration skills.

North Side students enjoy learning and coming to school every day!

Rome City Elementary

Romans have been super busy this week! Kindergarteners were scouring the hallway as number detectives. Such a fun way to explore and learn our numbers.

Fourth grade Romans are learning about landforms through hands-on activities. Students are trying to discover what created landforms like the Grand Canyon. Students mixed rocks, soil, sand, and water and then let the mixture rest to observe what happens over time. Students mixed gravel and water. They compared the gravel before and after it was mixed with water. Students also noticed how the water changed. After straining the water, students discovered what was left in the strainer and coffee filter. These activities helped students begin to understand how water create changes in the land. What a great experience for our Romans!

Second grade Romans had a mission of helping Harry build a new perch in the classroom. They were engineers who had to test and revise their perch during the time given. They had such a blast! Science is definitely happening at Rome City and the students love it!

South Side Elementary

It’s been another exciting week at South Side! We were very happy to host Archery call-outs this week for grades 4-6. East Noble Elementary Schools in partnership with the Whitetail Hunter’s Association and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources are very fortunate to offer such an opportunity to our students. Archery is not only a relevant interest to our students and our community, but involvement in such an activity may spark interest in a child for a life-long hobby that promotes self-reliance, perseverance, and individual accomplishment. In our short history hosting an archery club, we are proud to have already had students compete at the national level.

An update from the arts program at South Side this week as our students begin to explore history through art. South Side sixth graders have begun a study of pre-historic cave art. As part of their studies, students will gather and apply natural materials to create their own versions of this pre-historic expression.

Wayne Center Elementary

Our first grade classes are off to a fantastic start. We have been working on procedures and expectations for the school year. We are learning about our school’s ROAR expectations. The R –stands for Respect, O – Openly Honest, A- Always Caring & Safe, and R – Responsibility. Our students enjoyed a schoolwide convocation modeling and demonstrating these expectations through teacher/student skits, game shows, and other fun presentations. The first graders are also doing many of their beginning of year assessments. We are eagerly looking forward to our first field trip to Huntington College on September 28. It will be a great way to see what college is really like and learn that “after high school comes college.” Our first grade journey is just beginning, and we are looking forward to a year of growing and learning together.

Alternative Learning Center

We have had a great start to the new school year! We have many new faces working hard to get acquainted with our online learning. There have been new and returning students already earning credits. Students get to put their name into a drawing for Perfect Attendance and Credits Earned. The first drawing will be Friday. The students seem excited to see if their hard work and dedication has earned them any special prizes. We just earned our tenth credit of the year thus far.

Just a reminder if your child is ill or needs to absent from school please notify the ALC directly at (260) 349=0814. If your child attends the ALC and ENHS it does help if you can notify both locations, so information does not get overlooked. Secondly, please watch for delays with the wet, humid weather we have had there could be a delay. All delays/cancellations are posted on the East Noble website (eastnoble.net), Facebook, and Twitter. Please follow @EN_ALC on Twitter for updates on school happenings.

Parent Night at the ALC: Thursday, August 25th, 2016. 5:45-7pm

702 Dowling Street, Kendallville

Please come learn about the online Apex program your child uses at the ALC. Also, you can get signed up for daily email notifications on how much progress your child is making in class, meet the staff, and enjoy dinner! You can stay as long or as little as you would like!

East Noble High School

John Wooden once stated that “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make the big things happen.” As we begin the 2016-2017 school year, ENHS is committed to making big things happen by focusing on the little details that encompass our three school goals:

1. Positive influence

2. High levels of achievement

3. Outstanding school culture

Positive influence means that we let people know that they matter! ENHS will focus on the little interactions and the way that we treat others that make a big difference in another person’s daily life.

High levels of achievement means that ENHS is setting the bar high for authentically engaging our students to be the best that they can be at whatever activity they are choosing to be involved in. We will strive in the little things to have the spirit of excellence so that we achieve in big ways!

Culture means that our values, beliefs and attitudes form the basis for how we view ENHS. Culture ultimately is what we think about, talk about and do something about to make ENHS a better place for staff and students.

The decisions ENHS makes on a daily basis—period by period, interaction by interaction, determine who we are. The little things really do add up and we are excited to make big things happen at ENHS!