James Webb Telescope

Location of the Webb Telescope

The Webb telescope is located at the L-2 point of the Lagrange points. This is the only telescope located here

Electromagnetic Spectrum

The Webb telescope captures infrared waves primarily and has some capability in capturing light in the visible range.

How the Telescope Works

The telescope works through coordinated series of actions to maintain its position in orbit. Buffeted by pressure from sunlight, it must keep both its course and continue to protect its delicate components from heat. Webb's reaction wheels, jets are constantly engaged in an intricate dance to keep it stable.

Major Discoveries

The radical change I'm perception of the universe.

Why it is a good location for an observatory?

The L-2 point of the Lagrange system is ideal for astronomy because a space craft is close enough to readily communicate with Earth. They can keep the sun, Earth, and moon behind the space craft for solar power and provides a clear view of deep space for our telescopes

Current Research and Improvements

Wavefront sensing

How Data is Collected

Data is collected by viewing the light emitted from the galaxies as they move away from each other towards the red end of the spectrum making it easy for us to observe the baby galaxies.