Volunteer Here at Bellevue Community Center


What are Flower Hours?

Be a part of what makes your community beautiful! Bellevue Community Center will now be hosting staff supervised “Flower Hours” each week! We encourage members of the Bellevue Community Center to join us in planting and maintaining flowers and crops to keep our garden and community looking delightful.


On the first of each month, we will update our shared Google Calendar with the dates and times for that month’s Flower Hours. Simply sign up through the Google Calendar by clicking “Accept” on any date you would like to attend and you’ll be ready to go! The link to the Google Calendar can be found on the Bellevue Community Center Google+ Page.

Our staff members will continuously update a sharable Google Doc listing each member and the number of Flower Hours they earn each week. This can also be found on the Bellevue Community Center Google+ Page!

Show the Community What You Can Do

Everyone who signs up for Flower Hours will be REQUIRED to upload a photo of the garden to Instagram after each visit. Your caption should mention @BellevueCC and include the hashtag #BCCgarden

Be sure to complete this step so you receive the volunteer credit!


Each week, Bellevue Community Center will bring YOUR Instagram photos to life. We will compile the 20 most liked photos each week into a Flipagram that we will share with the whole community! If you would like to include song suggestions in your Instagram captions, feel free to do so!

Gardening materials will be provided!


  1. Sign up via Google Calendar (link on Google+ Community)
  2. Attend Flower Hours
  3. Upload photo of garden to Instagram (with proper caption)
  4. Check out our Flipagram to see the garden's weekly progress
  5. Keep track of your volunteer hours on the Google Doc (link on Google+ Community)