Gott Gazette

Mrs. Gott's Fifth Grade Class 2014-2015


  • The students will be taking the online portion of the ISTEP beginning Monday, everyday until May 6th. Please make sure your child is at school every day and that they go to bed at a decent time every night and eat breakfast every morning.
  • Spring Fling is TONIGHT from 6-8pm. Come to LES for FUN!


Animal Research Project

The students started working on an Animal Research Project this week. They were able to choose what animal they want to research. They MUST use 3 different Sources to find information about their animal. Wikipedia is NOT allowed. They took notes about the project on Showbie. They were also given a guideline of info to find. They are more than welcome to find more information! They must turn in a paper labeled "Animal Research Journal" to me to be graded and they MUST have a class presentation. The presentation will be verbal and visual. The visual presentation may be on a poster board, diorama, skit, etc. It is free choice. I have said that they may bring the animal in, BUT it may not exceed 30 pounds, or be here longer than 15 minutes. :) The project is due MAY 22nd!


The students in science have completely gone through the science book curriculum. I thought it would be fun to have the students put on a small science fair. It will just be our class. If your child is in science, they need to think of a science project or experiment that can be proven or disproved to test. A few are having a hard time with this concept. Building a volcano is not a science fair project! They need to figure out their "Problem" or "Question" by Monday. Your student was given a lengthy packet that explains the ENTIRE process and the RUBRIC (expectations). Please make sure you ask your child if you can see it! This project is Due May 18th and our Science Fair will be May 20th @ 1:20pm.As always, PLEASE e-mail me if you have any questions or concerns.

Mrs. Kylene Gott

I am married to Brian and we have three children. Jaxson, 10; Emmerson, 7; Kaity, 3. So...when I am not at school, I am kept very busy with my family. I like to exercise and take naps...I need them! :)