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January 29, 2023

Principal's News

Hello Mesa Families!

A HUGE thank you to all of you who were able to join us for Community Day last Monday! Our kids had a great time and we always love having the chance to welcome our families in. We have two more Community Days scheduled for March 20th and May 15th. We look forward to having everyone back into classrooms.

Mesa students from our SSN program were invited to the board meeting to lead those in attendance in the Pledge of Allegiance. We would like to give a HUGE thank you to the parents, students, and staff who came to show their support. Our kids did a FANTASTIC job and demonstrated amazing Mesa PRIDE (photo below).

On Monday, we look forward to celebrating our 100th day of school. Staff and students are invited to dress as though they are 100 or as they believe we will dress 100 years in the future. We are hoping for some great photos! Also, we hope to see you at our Skate City night! Get your 80s gear on, and meet us at the Skate City on Academy and Constitution from 6-8pm this Thursday.

During this week, students will continue to practice PRIDE (persevere, show respect, be independent, be dedicated to keeping Mesa safe, and empathize with others) expectations throughout the building. Our emphasis for the month of January will focus on perseverance, doing our personal best, advocating for our needs, following instructions, and acting responsibly. As we move into February this week, our PRIDE focus will be on the character trait of respect and the essential skills of making apologies, accepting 'no' as an answer, and being responsible for materials. Please feel free to share the ways you and your family are practicing perseverance, respect, and work habits with your student's teacher. We love to hear from you and to see our Mesa students practicing these skills outside of school. Throughout the week, we give 'shout outs' to students who exemplify these characteristics in their actions across the building and with one another.

Mesa staff utilize the REMIND app as the main tool of communication with families. You are welcome to reach out to teachers via REMIND or email at any time. Please watch for weekly newsletters and updates from each grade level team throughout the school year.

Please be sure to contact us with any needs or questions. We look forward to opportunity to work with each of you to help our students to Dream BIG, Work Hard and Make it Happen!!

Megan Oleson

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Drop-Off/Pick-Up Information 2022-2023

***Please let your son/daughter's teacher know your plan for after school pick-up.***

Car Riders (drop-off/pick-up)

**Our visor badges were sent home to each Mesa family. We encourage you to use these in order to help our PM pick-up line move as quickly as possible. If there are any errors on your tag, please reach out to the front office.**

Car drop-off/pick-up will take place in the north parking lot in front of our main entry doors. The west lot is not a drop-off/pick-up option for car riders. We ask that parents keep traffic moving as quickly as possible by remaining in their vehicles while students exit. If there is a need for a parent to assist with a student exiting, please park in a visitor spot in the north lot. In the AM, parents should pull as far east (closest to the gym) as possible in the lot. Mesa staff members will be there to open doors and welcome students. Students will then enter the building. We only use ONE LANE in the morning - please do not drop students off in the center lanes of the parking lot. In the PM, students will be with their grade level (as indicated in the photo). Parents should still pull as far east as possible. A staff member will check in with you as you pull through either of our two lanes and will call for your student(s) to come to your vehicle.

If you are using Monterey Way and turning onto Camino Del Rey, please be mindful to not block the entry/exit to the west parking lot (on Monterey Way) as buses will be using this lot and will need enough space to get in and out of the parking lot.

Please reference the photo below for guidance on our drop-off/pick-up procedures this year.


Any students who are walking home with a parent will meet on the east playground. Students will be separated by grade level. Parents may approach teachers to pick-up their student(s). Students are also able to walk home without being picked up by a parent. Students walking alone and needing to head west out of the building will be allowed to leave in this direction with the grade-level staff member walking kids out in that direction. Students heading east at the end of the day will be able to access the paved walkway out to Camino Del Rey to then head east towards Fountain Mesa.

Front Office Access:

Our main office is located on the north side of the building. Parents needing to enter the building should do so at our main-entry located at the north doors with a large Mesa paw print.

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Special Moments Last Week

This Week at Mesa:

Essential Skill: I can act responsibly/put forth my best effort.

Jan. 17-Feb. 3.: ACCESS testing for students who are English language learners

Jan. 30: 100th day of school (dress-up themes: dress like you are 100 or dress like you predict we will dress in 100 years)

Feb. 1-3: Valentine's Day Grams on sale before and after school

Feb. 2: Skate City '80s' Night from 6-8pm

Save the Date:

Feb. 9: 4th and 5th grade literacy and math night

Feb. 9: Progress Reports sent home

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Year-Long Events

Please reference our schedule of family events for the 22-23 school year. Changes may need to be made as the year progresses - when this happens, we will update the flier. Additional events may also be added throughout the year.
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Lunch Schedule

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Lunch Menu

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STEM Lab Items Needed:

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School Safety with Officer Geri

What an amazing start to our 2022-2023 school year. It’s so great to be back with my MESA families!! Thank you for helping me keep our kids safe! It has been awesome to watch the patience and kindness shown to each other as we process new procedures at arrival and dismissal.

Quick reminders:

  • we have over 600 kids now and there is so much traffic. Treat our long lines like a sporting event or concert and take turns, allowing every other car in-we are all going to the same place
  • one lane drop off in the morning, two lane pick up in the afternoon
  • please remember basic traffic laws - 20 mph in the school zone!!
  • remember, if you are close to late or running late, speeding is dangerous, there will be tickets issued
  • speed limit is 10mph in a parking lot, even a long parking lot!
  • cross walks, driveways and intersections are not to be blocked; If you cannot completely clear those areas....wait

Thank you for working together to be great role models for our kids.

Ask Nurse Janice

MEDICATION: All medication must be brought into the building and picked up from the building by an adult- students are not allowed to bring medication into the building. All medication must be approved by a prescribing physician with the appropriate forms signed. These forms can be found on the district website or by contacting your school nurse.

FACE MASKS: At this time, masks are not required but certainly allowed. At any time you can choose to send your child to school wearing a mask.

FEVER: Fever is defined as a temperature of 100.4 or higher. Students who have a fever should stay home and rest until they have gone 48 hours fever free without the aid of medication such as ibuprofen or Tylenol. If your child has a fever that lasts longer than 48 hours, please reach out to your school nurse to help problem solve what your next steps might be.

COVID Testing: District 8 is offering free rapid COVID testing as well as free PCR testing to all students and their families. Please contact your school nurse to make arrangements for this testing. * If anyone in your home has symptoms and is being tested for COVID, please keep all D8 students home from school until the results from the person being tested are received. Please notify your school nurse if you are keeping a student home while waiting for a household member to get results for COVID testing.

Keep up the good work! Our goal is to keep our Mesa community healthy and safe… and in person learning!
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