Desertification Disaster


Who is Affected by Desertification

90 present of people who live in dry land areas are affected by desertification, that is around 2,000,000,000 people who are suffering desertification each day. Most of the people that suffer desertification are poor and are already having trouble finding food to eat. Out of the 2,000,000,000 people that are suffering desertification each day, 24,000 of that are dyeing from starvation because they can't grow enough crop to survive off of.

what is desertification

Desertification is a process of when land is not useable to use to grow crops or any vegetation that comes from the ground, the land becomes dry, hard and more of a desert .

Some of the affects include the cause of famine, food loss, soil becomes dry and less useable, and vegetation is lacked or damaged.

where is desertification hapening

Desertification happens in every country and continent except for Antarctica, because it is to cold there year round. But the worst suffers of desertification are the populations of people who live in dry land areas of Sub-Sahara Africa and central Asia. Agricultural regions are also effected greatly by desertification, like Africa, Asia, and Latin America that cannot grow crops because of desertification.

why does desertification happen

Desertification usually happens as the result of a drought, deforestation that destroys the trees that binds the soil to the land and poorly drained irrigation systems and turns the croplands salty , or improper agriculture. It is also the effect of harsh climate, overexposure to an extensive lost of grass from an herbivore animal for a long amount of time without recovery time for the grass to grow back.

when did desertification start

Desertification has be in nature for thousands of years, it's a part of natural climate change. Desertification is hard to define to it's last date, but geologist have evidence of the first case of soil in the Mediterranean, dating back to the end of the ice age that was about 2.6 million years ago.

how can we stop desertification

One of the ways to stop desertification is changing ways if agriculture to benefit the environment, and there own needs.

Another ways to stop desertification that the Chines government is doing is planting millions of trees that spread 4282 km along the Gobi desert, they are also considering doing this the Sahara desert.

The most effective strategy that was thought up by students at a German university, involves a coffee sack. The sacks are filled with compost, seeds and a sponge like material that soaks up rain water. The sacks are then dropped over the deserts and the seeds compost and water that they collected starts to turn into a tree.