The Temptations



The temptations were among the most top performers in the 1960's. the members were Melvin Franklin Eddie Kendrick's David Rufmin and Dennis Edwards. They were originally called the elgins. They preformed in 1961, they had a total of 8 great hits and one Grammy win for the song 'PaPa was Rollin Stone.(1972) the group was honored with a lifetime reward from the recording academy of 2013. The lead singers were Ruffmin and Kendrick's. They were an icon vocal group known for their smooth harmonies and intricate Choreography. Recording primarily for mow-town music.


four tops

The american group that was one of mowtowns most popular acts in the 1960's . the members of the group were Ronald (obie) Benson, Abdule(duke) Fakir, Lawerance, Payton and levi stubs(levi stubbles). They formed their group after singing at a birthday party in 1953. they called themselves the for aims until 1956. for for years they sang jazz in clubs. Thanks to brian Holland, Lamont dozier, and Eddie Holland they became primary hit mackers. their first hit was "Baby i need your lovin" in 1964."i cant help myself "(number one on the pop charts in the united states). "Its the same old song" followed in1965". The group reached a pinical of fame in 1966 with its 2nd million seller. After the mowtown period they made it in the hall of fame in the 1970's 1980's and 1990's.


michael jackson was born August 29th, 1958, in Gary Indiana to an African- American working class family. His father believed in him so much he molded them into a musical group in the 1960's called the Jackson 5. He showed remarkable range and depth