Book Project

This book is about a little boy. This little boy was not to be seen by anyone or anything but his brothers or his parents. This had something to do with the state. The state only aloud a few amount of kids and they ended up having Luke and didńt tell the state about it. Matthew and Mark were aloud to do stuff Luke wasn’t able to do. Luke never gets to play in the yard with Matthew and Mark. He has never had a birthday party let alone have any friends come over and play.

Every time that luke tried looking out the window he got yelled at or in big trouble. One time he looked out the winder thinking that ma and pa wouldn’t see but pa did. Pa grabbed his arm and told him to never look out the window again.

He lives in the attic. He peeps out his of his attic window and is staring at his neighbors house. One day he sees something in the window so, then he keeps peeping every so often. He sees it again. Then he thinks maybe they have a third child to, but there was nothing he could do meaning he can’t leave the house. He sits down and tries to plan. Wondering how to get to the neighbors. But their house is locked and so would his. So there was no way to sneak out because there would be no way to get back in the house. Poor poor kid no one should live like this! This was a good book.