Multiple Intelligences

Kea Gulino 04/09/16


The multiple intelligence theory was created by Dr. Howard Gardner in 1983. The theory stipulated that humans can develop through 8 intelligence types. Gardner shared that school and culture today have a tendency to put too much focus on the logistic-mathematical and linguistic intelligences, neglecting the other intelligences as well as the artists musicians, dancers, therapists, nature lovers, and so many other types of people who are strong in the other 6 intelligences (Armstrong, 2013).

My Intelligences

Naturalistic - Passion for nature and the environment.

Logistic-mathematical - Efficient with numbers and logic.

Interpersonal - Natural at helping other people.

Linguistic - Excels in language, words, and literature.

These intelligences build on strengths to form and guide perceptions and understandings of a teacher. A teacher has the responsibility to introduce and teach a concept in 8 different ways. Although the bodily-kinesthetic intelligence may not be a strength for a particular teacher, it is still important as an educator to provide opportunities to practice and nurture an intelligence in all children. Stimulating all the intelligences within the class, whether children are weak or strong in a certain area is effective for thorough and proper cognitive, social, physical, and emotional development (Armstrong, 2013).

In the Classroom

Utilizing the information and ideas provided by Gardner's Multiple Intelligence theory within the classroom takes careful and creative planning. For example, when learning numbers and letters, a teacher can introduce the symbols in different ways to capture and nurture the interests and strengths of the students. Counting around a circle with a ball will bring success to the body intelligent individuals, where as providing time for counting, sorting, and organizing at ones desk as an individual activity will appeal to the intrapersonal types of children. Some might grasp a letter when they get to paint it or sing about it. Knowing the 8 intelligences can help bring forward all 8 within lessons and activities on a daily basis.


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