Mckenzie's Flyer

If You Can Dream It , You Can Do It -- Walt Disney : )

Self Awareness


Interests - Health Informatics / Legal Services / Public Management

Skills- Professional support/ web communications/ health and safety assurance

Values - Family

Learning Styles---Self control/ Concern for others / Dependability

Career Cluster- Health Science

Why should all these things be considered when deciding on a career ? Because you need to go through all the steps.

Where am I going

My career as a Home Health Agent

Job Description-- Simply put, home care is healthcare delivered to you in your own home. Following an illness or injury, you may need continued care. Jordan’s clinical team members come to your home to provide the care you need. We also educate you on what steps you can take to remain independent, feel better, manage your disease, and have fewer hospitalizations

1. Median Salary-- $67,930 a year

2. Job Outlook-- Helping people

3. Cluster-- Home Health

4. Work Schedule-- 7 days a week

5. Work Environment-- Other peoples houses

6. Something interesting -- Helping people

How do I get there

Goal setting -- Graduate college

Which college-- Texarkana College

Where would I like to go-- Anyone with a dorm Senora CA

Why this college--- Because it has a dorm Far away from home

What degree-- RN

Tuition cost-- $30,970

Which degree-- Bachelors degree

Which Scholarship-- Any of them

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