All About Me!

Nathan Nguyen


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Who Am I?

My name is Nathan Nguyen. I am currently a 15 years old kid and I live in a house of 5 including me. My family includes me, two older brothers and my parents. I am an extremely competitive person, love fitness and love to play sports. My favourite sport is volleyball and I've been playing since grade 6. Despite loving fitness I actually eat a lot and have a horrible diet. Some things I hate is repeating myself and being took for granted. In the future I'm not sure what I want to be, I get a lot of ideas of jobs and workplaces but none of them stuck with me and sound like I would enjoy.

My Life Line.

Solo Queue Legend

My first ever tournament attended

This is my first ever tournament attended with my team. You can only see a small clip of my team but its only because we lost all of our games and got elimanted extremely fast. This game is League of Legends in December 2014.

My Favourite Things.

My Leadership Style.

For my leadership style I believe that I am a persuader. I believe this because when everybody in the group is working together and motivated to work. If I know the person I can recognize their strengths easily and split up the tasks between people. I feel by doing this is the most effective way to get group work done. However before I give a group member a job, I always want to make sure they're comfortable with it so they can do it without having a burden on their shoulders. Also usually in groups, I would be the person people would approach to make the final decision. Overall, I believe that I am a persuader because I try my best to motivate people in my group to work and I usually make the final decisions.

My Influences.

My biggest influence is my bigger brother. He is currently 19 years old (turning 20) and he is attending university. He is my biggest influence because when I have to do something really important I usually go to him and ask him first before anybody else. When I was younger I remember always wanting what he had, If he had icecream, I wanted icecream. It's not like that anymore - at all, but It doesn't mean he wasn't my biggest influence growing up. My brother is always there for me, even though he lives in toronto for schooling.

Role Model/People in my life.

My role model is Seth Rogen. To be honest, there is not much thought into this answer. I just love how he is general so funny and humble. I think he is a great comedian/actor and I love to watch his movies even though I shouldn't be because of my age. Seth Rogen is born in 1982 and is currently 32 years old. Seth Rogen is mostly my role model because I want to make people laugh like he does. I want to be sucessful in what I love to do like he does. That is why he is my role model.
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Family Symbols

Personality Test Results

Learing Styles - Kinesthetic-Visual

Personality - ESTJ

Interest - The Visionary (EA)

Knowledge - Education

Motivations - Working Conditions


Top 3 Occupation Matches - Video Game Designer, Sales Manager, Politician

True Colours - Orange

Right Brain Left Brain - Left brain 62%