Saving Planet Earth!


Doomsday: Save Planet Earth

Meteor vs. Astroid

An Astroid is much bigger and much more dangerous than a meteor. Also an Astroid is bigger and much more catastrophic. A meteor and an Astroid are different, and one is worse than another. Another thing is, we will know what to do if we knew how big it is. Lastly, we can all help prioritize the Earth's well being

Impact on Earth

The towns could get destroyed from the Astroid hitting us. We could also stop it by sending things in space to try and stop the Astroid from hitting us. Another thing we could do is compare the biggest impacts and see what went wrong and compare to what we could do differently this time and try and stop it. The planet would go in flames, and it will burn up. Lastly the states, towns, and countries could all get destroyed from the impact depending on its size.

Solutions to stop the asteroid

One solution to stop an astroid send up rockets to tug on the asteroid to bring it out of earths orbit. Another thing is, we could something to hit the asteroid and break it to pieces and knock it out of path. Also, NASA could send up nuclear explosions. Move it so its not in the pathway of earth. Also, If the little pieces from the nuclear explosion comes toward earth in the future NASA could send up robotic landers to deflect the pieces. Lastly, NASA could have it distorted for it not to be on the path.

Safety Precautions (What actions can be taken to protect the public)

You need to pack up on gas, get first aid kits, food, water, and clothes in your shelter if you survive the asteroid hitting earth. When there is an asteriod coming towards earth we have to follow it and keep track of it. Find a good place in your home that would be a place to shelter where there are no windows. It needs to be under ground and bring food, water and medicine. Also, the shelter needs to be sturdy and withstand large amount of heat and explosions, preferably underground. An old Fallout shelter could work perfectly if all machines are in working order. The European Union is funding the NEOShield project, investigating the best technologies for asteroid deflection. The agencies also are looking for ways to fund and mount a joint deflection demonstration mission. Lastly, after the asteroid hits, stay inside your shelter and you don't know what could be happening outside.